firefighters at work

Brenzone, fire in a building.

A huge fire struck in the middle of the night a building in Brenzone, in via della Disciplina. The flames broke out around 2am. for reasons yet to be clarified. The firefighters were ready to intervene and worked all night before managing to put out the fire.

An apartment of around 50 m2 caught fire. on the ground floor of a three-family building. The owner was slightly injured when he was awakened by the sounds of the fire, he managed to get out independently. The man was treated on site by medical personnel. The firefighters, arrived from Bardolino with three vehicles including a tanker and 7 men, they worked to put out the flameswhich had completely involved the house, and to prevent the fire from spreading to the rest of the building.

The operations have concluded around 7 this morning, with the remediation of the last outbreaks and the safety of the building which, due to the damage caused by the fire, was rendered unusable. The causes are being examined by fire brigade technicians.

Also on site were the police and healthcare workers from Suem 118, with an ambulance and a medical vehicle. Fortunately, however, no inhabitant of the building, which was partially destroyed, he required hospitalization.

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