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It was a successful weekend for red and white volleyball in Serie C too: on Saturday evening coach Cacchiarelli’s boys beat Belvedere Ostrense also in the return match, with the result of 3-1, thus gaining access to the semi-finals of Play Offs. The path of Axore Macerata continues and will see the team engaged on Saturday 27th at the Palestra F.lli Cervi against San Benedetto del Tronto, a formidable opponent against whom the red and whites have clashed several times this season.

It was a difficult match against Belvedere Ostrense, as expected. In the first set the teams fought but it was the guests who took the lead 22-25, forcing the red and whites into an uphill match. The opponents also started well in the second set, ahead +4; once again, however, in the most difficult moment, when Belvedere Ostrense was showing its best volleyball, Macerata managed to stay attached to the match. The boys didn’t lose concentration, they fought for every ball and their performance increased: they then overturned the result in the second set, finishing 25-18. From that moment on, Axore took charge of the match, controlling the game and winning the third and fourth sets, always with a result of 25-18.

Coach Cacchiarelli comments on Saturday’s victory, “The most positive aspect, beyond the result, is the boys’ ability to stay in the game in difficult moments. A couple of players who are fundamental to us didn’t start in the best way in attack, but instead of becoming demoralized, they continued to keep their heads attached to every single point. As their performance improved, the whole team benefited.”

“Now we are in the position where, at the beginning of the year, I sincerely hoped to be able to bring the boys. We are expressing good volleyball and raising the bar with each new challenge. This is the attitude that must distinguish us from now on forward. Starting from Saturday when we will host San Benedetto, who we only managed to beat in the first leg of the Marche Cup when they were missing several players. However, I am very confident and sure that the boys will be fired up and will do their best to give themselves a final surprising season”.

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