Juve, Allegri’s show in the final against Lazio and the reactions of Cambiaso and Landucci

Max irrepressible on the sidelines in the painful final, until the liberating celebration together with his faithful Landucci. And even Cambiaso, as he leaves, tries to calm his soul

It won’t have been like Carpi’s jacket, which flew away in one of his first and most famous black and white images as a tarantolato on the sidelines. Massimiliano Allegri takes the locker room tunnel first of all, as he has done many other times after a match has been won, and this defeat also counts as a victory, and closes with this frame yet another show of a match finale: the one that this time it is worth the ticket for the Italian Cup final, on May 15th again at the Olimpico, and the one for Juventus for next season’s Super Cup.

on the edge of the nerves

“How can you concede a goal like that?” Allegri exploded after Castellanos’ brace which eliminated the 2-0 score with which Juventus had arrived in Rome. Already on Castellanos’ first goal, while Alex Sandro ended up on the gridiron for having his head knocked motionless by the Lazio striker, the coach was furious but was instead angry with Chiesa, whose wrong position according to the coach the corner kick that broke the deadlock was born. But in the first half Allegri also had a problem with McKennie and the lost balls, to the point of sending Miretti running to warm up, but in the end he never came on.

the end

The image that remains, however, is that of Cambiaso leaving the pitch to make room for Weah in the 70th minute, with the Italian starting to curse well before leaving the pitch and continuing when the coach goes to hug him, hearing the former Genoa player: “But you have to stay calm mister.” He will eventually say Cambiaso on TV: “Sometimes I’m too blatant in my attitude. I often find things to say when there’s no need, the coach saw me nervous and made the substitution”. Then the liberating goal scored by two players who entered, Weah with the shot on which Milik swooped in with a winning leap, and the great suffering of the last minutes for Allegri, even jumping on his trusty deputy Landucci, before entering the tunnel early . After making sure he can still play for a trophy.



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