Bruna, the trans woman beaten by the local police in Milan: “I didn’t bother the children: treated like a dog”

“I didn’t undress and I didn’t bother any children. There were no children there.” Bruna, the transsexual woman The 41-year-old was beaten on Wednesday by four agents of the local police in Milan, she does not compromise on this point. AND originally from Fortaleza, Brazil, but has been in Milan for 29 years. He is on a bench in a small garden near Via Padova with some friends.

How are you?
“Now I’m fine but yesterday I had a headache and burning eyes.” On her arms he has scratch marks which, however, she swears, she didn’t get during the most agitated phases of Wednesday morning but would have been the branches of the flowerbed near Bocconi where she tried to hide after escaping from the control of the “cast iron”.

His story begins with the reason for the intervention of the police near the Trotter park. “I was nervous, it’s true. I was arguing with five drunk Peruvians who were insulting me.”

But is it true that he threatened to infect the agents, saying he had AIDS?
“It’s not absolutely true. The only thing I did was bite my hand nervously. When I get angry, I get angry, but I’m not violent. I was angry because they took me and not that group of Peruvians who insulted me.”

But was she impaired by alcohol or drugs?
‘The night before I drank a little and smoked a joint.’

And then? What happened?
“They put me in the car. I started complaining and they told me “shut up, shut up, be good”. So I butted heads against the Plexiglas (the one that divides the rear seats from the front ones in the service car, ed). And the one who was the boss said to stop the car: “Now let’s give him a beating”. He tried to grab my hair to get me off but I pushed him away and ran away. I tried to hide in a flowerbed but they found me».

The rest is what the video that went viral tells us. The beatings, the stinging spray. “Then they handcuffed me and before getting back into the car they sprayed my eyes again. The burning drove me crazy.” Brought to the cells in via Custodi, he will stay there for at least six hours. Receives a visit from a representative of the Brazilian consulate. “It was awful. I felt treated like a dog». When she remembers the most difficult moments of the day, she is moved. “I raised my hands, I asked them not to hit me. I was so scared. Now I want to sue them.”

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