clues about the new band members

clues about the new band members
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Artist: Slipknot | Photographer: Enrico Dal Boni | Date: June 25, 2023 | Event: Knotfest Italy | Venue: Arena Parco Nord | City: Bologna

Saturday 27 April SLIPKNOT will hold the first show at the Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas with the two new members who will replace the keyboard player Craig Jones and the drummer Jay Weinberg.

Analyzing the new site launched by the band,, a fan found a hidden video whose source code would allow him to trace the names of all nine members of the band.

Alongside “Corey” (Taylor), “Clown” (Shawn Crahan), “Mick” (Thomson), “Sid (Wilson), “Vman” (Alessandro Venturella), “Pfaff” (Michael) and “James” ( Root), are such “Eloy” And “Jeff” which would be the two new members.

Self Eloy can easily be traced back to the former drummer of BURIAL, Eloy Casagrandefor months the main suspect as the new member of the SLIPKNOTthe answer as to who he is is not so immediate Jeff. Some fans speculate it is Jeff Karnowskimember of DIRTY LITTLE RABBITS where they play Shawn “Clown” Crahan And Michael Pfaffbut in this case the clues would be less obvious.

In any case, it is probable that the band will announce the new musicians in the next few days.


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