Marche Chamber of Commerce, a tender on public interventions in terms of prevention and safety – picenotime

Marche Chamber of Commerce, a tender on public interventions in terms of prevention and safety – picenotime
Marche Chamber of Commerce, a tender on public interventions in terms of prevention and safety – picenotime

In these hours in which Emilia Romagna, to which our thoughts of solidarity and affection go, is facing the terrible consequences of the floods of 9 and 10 May and the Council of Ministers is launching the first emergency measures to deal with the emergency , Camera Marche presents the Climate Emergencies tender with the support of Unioncamere. It is a first small step, with a view not to compensation but to prevention and is one of the most important measures envisaged at a central level; a sign that we want to give to our entrepreneurs tried by a really tough contingency that culminates with the flood disaster; we will also do our part by working on the issue of simplification, the bureaucracy that blocks access to funds“. So the President of Camera Marche Gino Sabatini opened the press conference in Pesaro to present the announcement dedicated to the announcement with which the institution has set up 600,000 euros to allow companies in the Marche region to equip themselves in advance against the denied recurrence of similar weather situations adverse.

With him, connected remotely, the president of Confindustria Marche Roberto Cardinali wanted to be: “Our thoughts go to the affected areas of nearby Emilia Romagna – as well as the Marches – and our thanks to the Camera delle Marche: it is really important that the house of companies has recognized as a priority the issue of prevention and safety which closely affects businesses and workers, people, supply chains and territories. There is a very close national debate underway, ours is a fragile country, the Marches are the mirror of it, it is necessary to prepare: the question is no longer whether the disasters will occur but when they will“,

Cardinali underlined the crucial nature of the insurance aspect contemplated by the Camera Marche announcement “recent studies referring to international companies have underlined the weakness – in terms of insurance coverage – in Italy, where just 10% of damaged goods are protected by insurance, there is a gap and for this reason a tender of this kind is fundamental, and it can set a precedent to look at.Confindustria guarantees the Chamber of Marche its planning contribution in this direction“.

In particular, the intervention of the Chamber encourages and supports investments for the purchase of capital goods and works with which to improve the response to emergencies and for prevention such as:

breakwater barriers/bulkheads;

structures for elevating materials and machines;

watertight anti-flooding windows;

water canalization and/or recovery systems;

equipment and machinery for the removal and handling of earth and mud;

electric generators;

motor pumps;

communication systems and diffusion of emergency and evacuation signals, in addition to what

required by the legislation on safety at work;

systems for the absorption and containment of substances dispersed in the environment beyond the provisions of the law;

insurance costs for damages caused by climatic events.

The beneficiary companies, which will have to submit their application from 10:00.00 on 11.12.2023 to 16:00.00 on 18.12.2023 exclusively electronically, are those of the territories for which in September 2022 the status of emergency.

With respect to this, the Vice President of Camera Marche Salvatore Giordano recalled that “the decree on the state of emergency is currently expanding the number of Municipalities included in the area: with the Giunta on Monday, consequently, we will also extend the measure to new territories”.

The MSMEs of the Marche region admitted to the tender contributions, which at the time of submitting the application are not subject to bankruptcy proceedings, are naturally registered and active in the Business Register and have their registered office and local units both in the territories of the Municipalities of the Marche region envisaged or alternatively, the registered office or local unit, at least one of which is operational, provided that production activities are actually carried out there with employees in the territory of the Municipalities, are up-to-date with the payment of the annual fee and with the contribution obligations.

– for the province of Pesaro and Urbino: Acqualagna, Cagli, Cantiano, Fano, Fossombrone, Frontone, Mondolfo, Monte Porzio, Pergola, Pesaro, San Lorenzo In Campo and Serra Sant’Abbondio

– for the province of Ancona: Arcevia, Barbara, Belvedere Ostrense, Castelbellino, Castelfidardo, Castelleone di Suasa, Castelplanio, Cerreto d’Esi, Cupramontana, Fabriano, Filottrano, Genga, Jesi, Loreto, Maiolati Spontini, Mergo, Monsano, Monte Roberto , Montemarciano, Montecarotto, Morro d’Alba, Ostra, Ostra Vetere, Poggio San Marcello, Polverigi, Rosora, San Marcello, San Paolo di Jesi, Sassoferrato, Senigallia, Serra de’ Conti, Serra San Quirico, Staffolo, Trecastelli;

– for the province of Macerata: Apiro, Appignano, Camerino, Cingoli, Corridonia, Esanatoglia, Fiuminata, Gagliole, Matelica, Mogliano, Montecassiano, Montefano, Montelupone, Morrovalle, Monte San Giusto, Penna San Giovanni, Petriolo, Pieve Torina, Pioraco, Poggio San Vicino, Porto Recanati, Recanati, San Severino Marche, Sefro, Tolentino, Treia, Urbisaglia. The active businesses located in these Municipalities total: 57,553

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