Retegui does not sting, the Tiger surrenders to Sarandí: now Italy

Retegui does not sting, the Tiger surrenders to Sarandí: now Italy
Retegui does not sting, the Tiger surrenders to Sarandí: now Italy

SARANDÍ – Second consecutive unfortunate away match for the Azzurri’s Tiger Mateo Retegui, who after being forced to surrender in Santiago del Estero against Central Cordoba, was also defeated a few minutes ago at the Estadio Julio Humberto Grondona by Arsenal Sarandì. Retegui also fought for every ball in this match and, several times, even managed to free himself from shooting giving the thirty-six year old the chills Alexander Medinaextreme defender ofAss: the first conclusion of the blue comes in the 28th minute of the first half, when he first jumps clear Breitenbruch, then engages the goalkeeper of the home team with a treacherous diagonal that is neutralized in two stages. The Tiger, who kept the ball in the game for a good part of the first half, slowed down in the second half and Arsenal took the opportunity to strike with Loyal in the 14th minute (on an assist by Guzman) and with Banega at 27′ (well served by Mons). At 2-0 Diego Martineztechnician of Matador of San Fernandotry to give more weight in attack to his with the inputs of Menossi, Medina And cardozobut now the omelette is done, indeed it is Arsenal who risk the trio with the former Boca Juniors Lucas Brochero. Retegui dry, in short, but worthy of the sufficiency as seen on the pitch in terms of desire and grit. But now it’s time to think about Italy and the Azzurri: right now the new number 9 of Robert Mancini he is heading to the Ezeiza Minister Pistarini airport from which he will take off in the next few hours to reach Coverciano, the home of our football.

SCORERS: st 14′ Leal, 28′ Banega
ARSENAL (4-3-3): Medina; Breitenbruch, Centuriòn, Pombo, Sporle; Banega (29′ st Muscia), Pena Biafore, Rivero (11′ st Toloza); Guzmàn (29′ st Brochero), Leal, Cuesta (11′ st Vega). Available Sultani, Cardozo, Gariglio, Londono, Marchi, Pons, Sives, Zarate. All. Ruiz
TIGER (4-3-1-2): Marinelli; Blondel, Cabrera, Aguilera, Prieto; Zabala (22′ st Flores), Prediger (34′ st Cardozo), Castro (34′ st Medina); Molinas (28′ st Menossi); Retegui, Colidio. Available Rojas, Badaloni, Espindola, Forclaz, Garay, Luciatti, Montoya, Ortega. Herd Martìnez
Referee: Espinoza
NOTES: Sporle, Guzmàn, Sultani, Pombo, Medina, Toloza, Menossi booked. Corners: 7-2 for the Tiger. Reucpero: pt 4′; st 5′

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