Giovanni Lettieri new secretary of the Basiicata Pd

Saturday 18 March 2023 – John LettieriMayor of Picerno, is the new secretary of the Democratic Party of Basilicata.
He was the only candidate and succeeded Enzo Amendola, appointed party commissioner after the party’s distrust of former secretary Raffaele La Regina.
“The awareness of having to be united and to find those values ​​of unity is essential for writing this new project for Basilicata. The message of unity launched by the national secretary Elly Schlein gives us hope”.
The newly elected secretary declared it to Ansa and added.
“By borrowing this system from progressive forces and strengthening the relationship with the intermediate bodies of the communities, I am sure that we will be able to start again”, he added, explaining that “soon there will be a major programmatic conference in a phase of listening to citizens, bodies intermediates and institutions, of the circles of the Democratic Party, but also of all the other progressive and reformist democratic forces of Basilicata. We are very open – concluded Lettieri – to re-establish relations with all the reformist and progressive forces of the region who have the right to rediscover the reasons for unity”. (CONTINUED AFTER THE PUBLICITY)

Carlo Rutigliano (Article One) new President of the Pd of Basilicata

Carlo Rutigliano of Article One was elected by the assembly president of the Pd of Basilicata.
After his election as president of Basilicata, he made this statement.
“I am convinced that there is a coincidence of destinies between the Democratic Party and Basilicata. Our ability to have courage, to open up, to speak outside ourselves, to build – as Riechlin wrote – a new relationship between politics and the people, coincides with Basilicata’s ability to raise its head and look to its future with confidence. This is the challenge before us. This is the responsibility that we must, starting today, shoulder.”

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