Luzi and Moccia in Corigliano-Rossano to celebrate 10 years of Maros

Luzi and Moccia in Corigliano-Rossano to celebrate 10 years of Maros
Luzi and Moccia in Corigliano-Rossano to celebrate 10 years of Maros

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – The Italian voice in the singing of The Little Mermaid; that of Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana; and again that of Fei Fei, the protagonist of the Oscar-nominated film in 2020, Over The Moon – The fantastic world of Lunaria. She played Jolanda in Cesaroni, Un medico in Famiglia and as the protagonist in the musical Romeo & Juliet – she loves and changes and the world. Since 2023 she has been in the cast of the musical inspired by Mare Fuori directed by Alessandro Siani. These are just some of the experiences that embellish the brilliant career of the very young singer, actress, radio presenter and voice actress Giulia Luzi, who will be in Corigliano-Rossano on Friday 28 June for the Maros event: the first 10 years of the guided cultural experience by Mariarosaria Bianco.

Together with Luzi, the writer, director and television author Federico Moccia who collaborated with the prestigious School will be the guest of honor of the evening which will be hosted by the Lounge Bar Aqua, on the Rossano seafront.

In fact, with Moccia, some MAROS students/actors shot the short film Bugie which will be presented in the autumn.

Friday 28th, with numerous artists and performances. Among the other guests of the evening there will also be the director Cinzia Mirabella, the Casting Director Francesca Marchese and the dancer and choreographer Filippo Stabile.

From 10pm to continue leaving your mark. As in the best MAROS tradition, the event for the tenth anniversary will not be a static and conventional show, but will be rich in artistic installations and different performances: from fire-breathing to dance, with interviews and moments of in-depth analysis together with the protagonists of this artistic experience , pedagogical and social which has left and will continue to leave a positive mark on entire generations. These are and will be the emotions and suggestions, identifying and passionate, that it will be possible to share during the evening which will begin at 10 pm.

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