Irregular work discovered in a gym in Lamezia Terme

Irregular work discovered in a gym in Lamezia Terme
Irregular work discovered in a gym in Lamezia Terme
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Fight against illegal work in the Lamezia Terme gym, 23 irregular workers discovered, maxi-fine of 300 thousand euros and reporting for illegal video surveillance

LAMEZIA TERME (CZ), 24 MAY 2024 – The Fiamme Gialle of the Lamezia Terme Group are intensifying their battle against irregular work, with an operation that has brought to light illicit practices within a well-known gym managed by a sports Association. The outcome of the inspections revealed the employment of over 23 workers in conditions that did not comply with the law, of which 12 were totally illegal.

The checks highlighted that receptionists, room attendants, instructors and secretarial employees operated without any communication to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. This omission triggered a series of legal actions against those responsible for the association, including a warning for the regularization of work positions and the payment of a maxi-fine, quantified at over 300 thousand euros. This amount takes into account undeclared working days, as well as other irregularities such as failure to record data in the “single labor register” and failure to trace salary payments.

During the inspections, the use of an unauthorized video surveillance system, installed without the consent of the workers, also emerged. This further violation led to the reporting of those responsible to the Privacy Guarantor Authority.

The action of the Fiamme Gialle demonstrates the continuous commitment to combating illegal and irregular work, considered a serious threat to the economy, as it takes resources away from the treasury, damages workers’ rights and encourages unfair competition towards companies that they respect the rules.

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