Ance Cremona meets the mayoral candidate Virgilio

The Board of Directors of Ance Cremona had a constructive discussion with the mayoral candidate Andrea Virgiliodiscussing fundamental issues for the future of construction and urban development in our city. During the meeting, the crucial role of sustainability, innovation in construction and the challenges related to urban regeneration were explored.

A highlight of the discussion was the new ITS in course Sustainability Construction Management which will start in October at the Cremonese Building School-CPT. This training program aims to prepare future construction professionals to operate according to the highest standards of sustainability and innovation, reflecting Ance Cremona’s commitment towards a greener and more responsible future.

The new training project on the. was then illustrated by Ance Cremona “Female Leadership in Construction”developed in collaboration with Assimpredil Ance Milano, Ance Pavia and Ance Varese: the hypothesis is that this training project can be extended to female technical figures in public administration.

The meeting underlined the importance of collaboration between local institutions and the construction sector to promote urban development that respects the environment and improves the quality of life of citizens. Andrea Virgilio expressed his support for these initiatives, recognizing the value of education and training in building a more sustainable and innovative city.

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