“Forza Italia is healthy, it is the third party”

“The victory of Vito Bardi, reconfirmed President of the Regional Council of Basilicata, demonstrates how the centre-right policies, both nationally and locally, are appreciated by the electorate every time they are called to the polls”.

These are the words of the governor of Molise Francesco Roberti.

“Congratulations go to my colleague President Vito Bardi, who I got to know and with whom I often spoke also for the many similarities between Molise and Basilicata because reconfirming yourself is never easy. His victory certifies how much good the center-right has done in the region and how much positive the Meloni Government is doing for the South.

With the choice of Lucanian voters, the center-right in Basilicata will be able to continue working in continuity with what has been done in the last five years.

I would also like to underline the consensus obtained by Forza Italia, which stood at a flattering 13.01%, the third party in the region, only a few tenths of a point behind the second party. Yet another confirmation of a healthy party, which is continuing its action in the wake of President Silvio Berlusconi, but which always looks to the future with renewed enthusiasm”.


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