Leg amputated after fall at home: 43-year-old compensated with 465 thousand euros by the Brindisi Local Health Authority

Leg amputated after fall at home: 43-year-old compensated with 465 thousand euros by the Brindisi Local Health Authority
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LThe Brindisi ASL insurance company compensated with 465,000 euros a woman and her family due to a delayed diagnosis that caused the amputation of a limb.

The facts date back to June 2013. The woman, a mother living in the Brindisi area, was 43 years old at the time. After a trivial fall at home, within a few days she found herself with an amputated limb, so to be protected and shed full light on what happened, after having unsuccessfully instructed other professionals, she entrusted herself with the Francavilla Fontana di Giesse office for compensation for damages , a group specialized in compensation for serious cases of medical malpractice, which in recent days managed to obtain the maxi compensation for her and her family.

“Our client – ​​she says Andrea Matarrelli of Giesse – she presented herself at the Francavilla hospital where the doctor who examined her with great professionalism and timeliness immediately understood that, following that fall, serious damage could be hidden: an artery had in fact been torn and had caused severe bleeding. The doctors at the Francavilla hospital performed prompt surgery which reduced the lady’s knee dislocation, but the lack of blood flow caused them concern, so as there was no vascular department in the hospital, they transferred her at Perrino in Brindisi; a clinical-diagnostic approach defined as “impeccable” by the prosecutor’s consultant himself”.

Accompanying her in the ambulance is the same doctor from the Francavilla hospital who, upon arrival at Perrino, however, has a heated discussion with the doctor on call from the Brindisi vascular department. “There are different versions here provided by the doctors of both hospitals – underlines Matarrelli – we have always believed what was reported and verbalized by the doctor of the Francavilla hospital who, in every way, did his best to ensure that urgently hospitalize the patient at Perrino, insisting that she be subjected to an ultrasound Doppler examination as soon as possible to evaluate the actual functionality of the arteries, veins and correct blood flow”.

According to the testimony of Francavilla’s doctor, after arriving at the hospital in Brindisi, which took place between 10pm and 10.30pm, Perrino’s doctor would only have subjected the patient to the requested examination at 3.30am, after the Francavilla doctor had first threatened to call the police and then had his medical director call the one at the Perrino hospital. Only at that point, at the explicit request of the medical director of Perrino, was the patient subjected to the examination requested immediately by the doctor of Francavilla.

At 4 in the morning – therefore a good 12 hours after welcoming the patient into hospital – the Francavilla doctor, having received precise reassurances that the 43-year-old would be hospitalized, was finally able to take his leave and return home.

“For our forensic doctors, from the first feasibility opinion that we provide free of charge, there was no doubt: – continues Matarrelli from Giesse – the chances of saving the limb would have been concrete, if only the surgical intervention had been carried out within 12 hours of the accident. This was later confirmed by the prosecutor’s consultant himself, even though in the criminal trial, despite a request for conviction by the prosecutor, the doctor from the Brindisi hospital was acquitted.”

Instead, as mentioned, the 43-year-old underwent revascularization surgery only the following day, at 4.30 pm, when almost 24 hours had passed since the accident. At that point, unfortunately, the necrosis had already spread to the limb.

“A few days later one of the doctors gave her the sad news – continues Matarrelli – To save her life, they would have had to amputate her leg. From that day the life of the lady and her family has changed forever, turned upside down. After a long and fierce negotiation we obtained, out of court, compensation of 465,000 euros, despite the criminal acquittal of Perrino’s doctor”.

“Other aspects remain unclear in the matter and, above all, the bitter taste in the mouth – concludes Matarrelli – due to the awareness that such an unfortunate clinical outcome could have been easily avoided if only greater attention had been paid not only to the very severe pain that Mrs. tried in those terrible hours but also to the motivated requests for urgent tests and adequate therapies made by the doctor who first welcomed the patient to the Francavilla Fontana hospital”.

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