extraordinary opening at Palazzo Beltrani

After the interest and success of the public for the previous guided tours of the exhibition “In Praise of Composition. The photography of Giuseppe Cavalli”, will be repeated on the occasion of Liberation Day on 25 April. There will be the opportunity to see, starting from 11.15 am, the exhibition inaugurated last March 26th at Palazzo delle Arti Beltrani in Trani, with an exceptional guide and at no additional cost to the entrance ticket.

The installation, with 82 photos including portraits, landscapes and still lifes, of which 32 are vintage, is in collaboration with the Eredi Giuseppe Cavalli Archive and with the contribution of Alessia Venditti, PhD student at UNIUD (University of Udine), curator of the reorganization project of the Horse Archive.

The photographic exhibition dedicated to the works of Cavalli, born 120 years ago in the city of Lucera, will be hosted in the rooms of the noble floor of the Multifunctional Cultural Center of the City of Trani until 31 May 2024. The project of Palazzo Beltrani, with the exception of the exhibitions held in his native Lucera, it is the first exhibition that pays homage to Giuseppe Cavalli in Puglia after 41 years.

Giuseppe Cavalli is a prestigious artist and acute leading critic of the Italian post-war period, leader of the high-key school (an expression used in photography as a synonym for high tones to indicate the character of the photos which mostly present very light tones, close to white, source Treccani) and cultural promoter with other protagonists of his time. Through the pages of the magazine Ferrania he contributed to elevating this art, also with the volume “8 Italian photographers today” and the promotion of the La Bussola movement alongside his talented colleagues Finazzi and Leiss, Lerder and Veronesi. With a collection of over eighty works, the exhibition aims to retrace the fundamental stages of his artistic experience between photographic production and witty criticism.

With the entrance ticket to the exhibition it will also be possible to visit the collections kept in Palazzo Beltrani and the “Ivo Scaringi” art gallery.


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