Serie A baseball, the championship kicks off this weekend for the teams from Anzio and Nettuno. – Radio Studio 93

Serie A baseball, the championship kicks off this weekend for the teams from Anzio and Nettuno. – Radio Studio 93
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Serie A baseball, this weekend the championship starts for the teams of Anzio and Nettuno. With a new structure compared to the past, the championship starts this weekend major league baseball, in which thirty teams are registered. The season is divided into a first phase with five groups of six teams: in group A, the first-placed teams from last season and the winners of the 2023 salvation pool are included, who will face each other in three weekly matches of seven rounds and another four groups they involve two nine-round matches.

At the end of the first phase, the top four in group A are qualified for the quarter-finals. The top teams from the other four groups face each other in Preliminary 1 in the best of three seven-round matches and the two winners will challenge, in Preliminary 2, the fifth and sixth teams from Group A, also in the best of three. The two winners will advance to the quarter-finals, while the two losers, together with the two losers of Preliminary 1, will participate in the Salvation poule together with the teams classified from second to sixth place in groups B, C, D, E.

The matches of the four groups will be played between today and tomorrow who will play a nine-inning doubleheader. Among them there are also teams that would have been entitled to be included in group A, and which are presenting themselves at the start with important personnel. This is the case of Neptune 1945 which has a group of promising blues, Zazza and Annunziata at the head, who will have as hens the pitcher Lars Liguori, the infielder Pablo Gonzalez, the striker Ramon Bonilla and the outfielder Paolino Ambrosino, who has not been able to resist the charm of his old team and put the spikes back on, after announcing his abandonment.

Among the big names is also Godo (which on Saturday will have the honor of hosting the governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini, who will throw the first ball) which has confirmed its hard core and has included some promises. Remaining in Romagna, the newly promoted New Rimini of general manager Mario Charini has done great things, having entrusted the management of the team to Dorian Castro (who will have Avagnina and Del Bianco as coaches), with the former San Marino player Luca Pulzetti arriving for there in the Riviera together with the returning Marco Baccelli.

In the tournament that starts there is the return to the bench of the former national team manager Gilberto “Gibo” Gerali, who in Crocetta Parma has a squad of interesting youngsters at his disposal (Alessandro Laise also arrived from Senago) and can count on the staff on two stars of the Italian hit and run, Alex Sambucci and Sebastiano Poma, who were entrusted with the role of hitting coach and athletic trainer respectively, as well as being an example to the young people when they take to the pitch.

Collecchio has also put together a good team, with Pedro Guerra, Diego Fabiani, Alessandro Deotto and Charlie Mirabal. Ernesto Esposito and Julian Dreni enrich the Rovigo roster. Former Parma player Mattia Aldegheri is Verona’s coup, while Zotti and Bertoldi have settled in Ronchi dei Legionari. Virgadaula from Brescia went to Codogno. Poviglio confirmed last year’s core, while Reggio Emilia took catcher Marc Rodriguez. Serie A welcomes the return of Fiorentina and the arrival of the Lions Nettuno, who embark on the adventure together with the Dolphins Anzio.

In this first round, Settimo and Milano 1946 (who brought Andrea Pasotto back from Parma) remain in the pits, having postponed their duel to honor the touching death of Ernesto Wong.

The program of the 1st round

Gir. B: Saturday, Camec Collecchio-Platform TMC Poviglio, Tecnovap Verona-Comcor Modena. Postponed Settimo-Milan 1946.

Gir. C: Saturday, Farma Crocetta-New Rimini; Sunday, Cagliari-Padova, Itas Mutua Rovigo-Gereon NPB Ronchi.

Gir. Q: Saturday, Godo-Athletics Bologna, Nettuno 1945-Padule Sesto Fiorentino; Sunday Lupi Auto Fiorentina-Lions Dolphins Nettuno.

Gir. E: Saturday Palfinger Reggio Emilia-Codogno; Saturday and Sunday, Catalana-Ciemme Oltretorrente; Sunday, Senago-Campidonico Turin.


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