Real Estate News | Turin: Mirko Frigerio’s University Master’s Degree in Debt Counseling is born

Real Estate News | Turin: Mirko Frigerio’s University Master’s Degree in Debt Counseling is born
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The world of NPE credit and properties subjected to executive and insolvency procedures, adding the entire world of pre-foreclosure activities, more than ever, requires men and women resources in the field who are in step with the times and who are truly at The height of a role, not for everyone, but of great professionalism.

As happened with CREDIT MEDIATION, which then became law in 2010, we now need to give order and control to the debt collection and debt consultants chain;

Today the activities are centralized in the Services, in some Banks, in the vehicles, but the fundamental figure, the driver, the one who puts the parties together with knowledge of the facts, the one who represents the figure of contact with the territory is still, too often , unidentifiable, often an isolated case in some areas of Italy or sometimes a contact by word of mouth.

A true specialist reference figure is needed and will be increasingly needed, given the new events in the world of real estate and NPEs.

With this aim, the EXECUTIVE MASTER in Debt consultancy with Real Estate specialization was created for the first time in Italy.

The Executive Master in Debt Consulting with Real Estate specialization is designed to guarantee participants the widest offer in a subject which in recent years has seen the need for a reference figure and union between the various subjects involved. To this end, we have brought together what we consider, at a national level, to be the best professionals and top experts on the market, who will share with the participants the experience and knowledge gained over decades of professional activity:

-what is a Master Service;
-what a Service is and what it does;
-what are the operational, legal and interface differences between a 106 TUB, a L.130/99 and a 115 Tulps;
-the figures of justice;
– extrajudicial negotiation;
-the business crisis and over-indebtedness;
-the new Cartabia law;
-judicial and voluntary liquidation;
– costs and times of justice;
-banking law;
-borrower Natural Person and Legal Person;
– Borrower psychology;
-professional ethics;
-real estate valuations and judicial valuations;

These are just some of the topics that will be covered, starting from 3 MAY 2024 at SAA – School of Management – University of Turin, location of the Master.

The first step towards specialization is defining the territoriality and necessary skills, thanks to a complete and structured path.

-The MASTER WILL BE BOTH IN PRESENCE and with the possibility of distance learning – LIVE;
-The MASTER is open, due to its characteristics, also to NON-GRADUATES;
– it is the academic path indicated for Real Estate Agents, specialized lawyers, judicial custodians, loan and asset managers and all those subjects who want to have a clear and complete picture of the world of proactive management of a problem that goes beyond the auction.

To see the complete path go to the University of Turin page
Email: [email protected]

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