Alessandra Celentano publishes this photo and everyone notices only one (repellent) detail on her face: “but what does she have?”

Alessandra Celentano publishes this photo and everyone notices only one (repellent) detail on her face: “but what does she have?”
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The detail did not go unnoticed by the choreographer’s fans: here’s what happened to Alessandra Celentano.

The most feared of all classical dance teacher of the Amici di Maria de Filippi team shared a shot on social channels, which immediately became viral. Let’s see what it’s about.

Let’s find out how the teacher of the most severe and feared Canale 5 dance class of all time was immortalized, and why everyone is now talking about her images online.

The eye fell right there, and so everyone, fans and haters, of Alessandra Celentano immediately noticed the unusual detail, present right on the face of the well-known Mediaset dance expert.

Alessandra Celentano, the photo of the Amici teacher that is going around the web

Alessandra Celentano is one of the pillars of the Canale 5 talent show. In fact, the well-known choreographer and former classical dancer has been part of the teaching staff of the most famous school in Italy for many years, and was one of the first to join the Amici di Maria De Filippi team as a teacher. Over time, her role, her personality and her importance have remained unchallenged, so much so that she continues to demand a lot from the students of the Amici di Maria De Filippi dance class, she continues to be severe and intransigent in order to bring out each of them their best abilities.

Alessandra Celentano is a character who keeps a low profile in terms of visibility and media coverage, despite being present on TV with various television contents, including the cooking program “Celebrity Chef”, presented by Alessandro Borghese. Therefore, she is not only in front of the cameras on Amici di lei but there is not much information and images circulating about her that have to do with her private life. However in the last few hours a photo of Alessandra Celentano appeared online, which in a very short time went viral. Let’s find out what it is.

Alessandra Celentano and Rosita

The detail on the dance teacher’s face that did not go unnoticed by anyone

The classical dance teacher of Amici di Maria De Filippi was immortalized together with one of her most famous relatives, we are talking about Rosita Celentano. The two women appeared together, ready to enjoy a day at the beach, and therefore without make-up. The images of Rosita Celentano and Alessandra Celentano completely natural, without even a hint of makeup, under the sunlight revealed an unexpected detail.

The fans, but above all in fact, the haters of Alessandra Celentano noticed a halo at the height of her mouth, and more precisely on the upper lip. It’s a dark mark, in the middle of the photo. The shadow in question gave Instagram users the opportunity to think that Celentano had the moustache! We don’t know if it is a moustache, or a simple sign given by the lights and shadows of the photographic shot, but what is certain is that in a short time it generated a real boom of comments.


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