It’s still midday, the bitter sentence has arrived: “They’re closing the show”. Everyone agreed on the decision


“It’s always midday”, criticism rains down: this is what could happen very soon to the television program hosted by Antonella Clerici.

THE cooking programs on TV like “È semper midday” have become a fundamental component of Italian television programming, attractive to a vast and varied audience.

These shows they combine entertainment and culinary educationoffering viewers the opportunity to learn cooking techniques from professional and amateur chefs of a certain caliber.

“It’s always noon,” in particular, is hosted by Antonella Clerici and stands out for its welcoming and familiar format. Each episode features a variety of recipes, from the simplest to the most elaborate, aiming to satisfy the palates of all viewers.

Additionally, the program often includes segments that go beyond cooking, such as home and gardening tipsmaking it a complete and varied daily event that keeps viewers engaged and entertained.

It’s always midday: is this really a successful program?

In the always welcoming and relaxing setting of “It’s always midday!”, Antonella Clerici and her team of chefs continue to delight the Rai 1 audience with recipes that embrace Italian culinary tradition, paying particular attention to health. The program, which airs Monday through Friday at 11:55 amis proposed as a fixed event for lovers of good food and healthy living.

Every day, the program offers at least five original recipes, illustrated in detail by chefs who come from different regions of Italy, highlighting the richness and variety of local cuisine. The cast of “It’s Always Midday!” includes figures like Giovanna Civitillowhich offers festivals and events to discover in Italy, e the nutritionist Evelina Flachi, which offers advice on nutritional wellness. There is no shortage of moments dedicated to bread making with Fulvio Marino and cooking lessons with professor Daniele Persegani.

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The divided opinions of viewers on Clerici’s broadcast: harsh criticism

The playful element of Antonella Clerici’s broadcast is guaranteed from daily telephone games and Alfio Bottaro’s entertaining foraysall topped off with prizes such as sofas, shopping vouchers and sets of pots, which spectators can participate in by calling or filling out an online form.

However, the presence of Alfio Bottaro in the program continues to attract rather controversial opinions. As you can see, come on comments that accompany the posts that are regularly shared on the show’s Instagram profile, there are many who do not agree with the choice to broadcast the sketches of what is presented as the all-rounder of the small screen. There are those who do not hold back and hypothesize a future in which the program could close its doors: “Low tones please. I have never complained, but there is no doubt that 1 I don’t like Alfio in this role 2 that the program is moving towards entertainment for children. If you tell me not to follow it, I’ll already do so… Be careful in giving this advice, because if it goes Go ahead like this and they’ll close the transmission.”writes a user.


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