Water and lemon in the morning? Here are all the beneficial effects. “Crazy”

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There are so many people who in recent years have got into the habit of drinking a nice glass ofwater and lemon. There are those who do it with the absolute conviction that it can help eliminate toxins and waste substances, convinced that it therefore helps to purify oneself and therefore lose excessive weight, while those who think that this drink is good for health, so much so as to make it a real daily ritual of well-being.

Surely taking care of your hydration starting right from the morning is something fundamental as it must be said that water plays a key role in the functioning of the body.body, being involved in multiple processes and promoting their efficiency. But drink water and lemonand every morning, is it really that good? To find out more about this topic, we then asked for the opinion of an expert.

What are the benefits of this drink?

Sometimes losing weight and getting back into one’s ideal shape seems to be the most difficult thing and often one is willing to try everything to succeed, perhaps even relying on practices that promise miraculous results, but which in reality have very little scientific result , over time, even harmful.

The expert in the field to whom we asked for certain information revealed to us that to date there is no reliable data on whether this practice can really lead to benefits, nor scientific data such as to recommend it as an excellent daily habit. What is known in this moment is that the consumption of foods and drinks with low pH, such as lemon juice may be a risk factor fordental erosion.

In some studies carried out on man, and therefore certainly more reliable, it has also been seen that the intake of acidic substances such as the combination of water and lemon before the meal, aim to reduce the glycemic response to the intake of starches and carbohydrates present, for example, in pasta, rice and bread. And here is the reason why there is currently not enough data to suggest it as a means to improve the figure or health.

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