Car theft, now they steal the components: defend yourself with ad hoc anti-theft devices Thieves with empty hands


In our cities, the numbers of vehicle thefts have now become nothing short of exponential and terrifying both for the citizens, the victims, and for the authorities called to check. What has changed?

One of the main ones directions, undoubtedly negative, relating to the implementation of numbers and types of thefts Of car is that relating to the thefts of ‘components’ of vehicles.

If they were once, in fact, the greatest, i thefts from the car as such – to commit crimes, for the classic return horses or for other different interests on the part of thieves – now things have changed.

Currently, mostly thieves have started to choose to steal cars not so much to use them but to reuse some elements And components that are there to his internal. Which ones in particular?

It is soon said. Cars, to date, especially for what they ‘hold’ inside, can be real gold mines for the thieves. Its components, resold, yield and not a little.

Thieves, now steal these components

What are the elements that, inside the engine part – and not only – of our vehicles, thieves decide to aim with more decision, stealing our car? And how to defend ourselves?


It might seem almost paradoxical, but in truth, there is an evergreen among the elements of the cars that are stolen more frequently.

Among these, in fact, the locks they tyresas well as i rims. However, it is very probable that if you use special ‘burglar alarms’ this will not happen.

The police, for example, make use of it: they are anti theft devices That they block the tires and wheels and are used to just stop the wheels from turning.

Specific anti-theft devices for car components

Broadly speaking, being kinda voluminousthese appliances are suitable for cars that will be parked for some time, for example in the case of cars do not use In the daily or maybe campers.


Other parts of yours car that you can protect are, as mentioned, the locks, but also the bonnet and everything in it inside of.

There are some purchasable kits which allow a special closure that protects elements such as the catalytic converter which is one of the most sought after items by thieves.

Contains elements such as platinum, rhodium, that in the black market They have insane resale values. Using a converter block, in effect, avoids this unpleasent inconvenience.

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