Telegram, precious surprising news for iPhone: the battery will last longer

Telegram, precious surprising news for iPhone: the battery will last longer
Telegram, precious surprising news for iPhone: the battery will last longer

An important news for iOS iPhone users in relation to Telegram which is linked to the longer battery life: the details

There is always great attention when it comes to technology, apps and smartphones, as in the case of Telegram, for example, and a precious innovation concerning the iPhone and battery.


There are many users who use it every day Telegrampopular and well-known app by instant messaging with a thousand functions, competitor of an equally and more well-known application, Whatsapp.

Both, in competition with each other, always aim to enrich the user experience and to increasingly meet the needs of users.

For example, recently there was talk of Whatsapp with an anti-spam novelty, with the ability to silence calls from unknown numbers.

If the updates and news of the ‘green’ app are not lacking, at the same time Telegram it does not remain to wade and in this sense the recent should be explored update which will be very interesting for the user Apple. In fact, after the news that arrived about the power saver for MAC, the main aspect of the update has to do with the option itself.

But this is ready to arrive on mobile devices that mount the operating system of the apple, and therefore iPhones and iPads.

Telegram and iPhone energy saving: what changes for battery and duration

In detail, as regards the desktops, also on Apple mobile devices you will be able to set the entry into operation of an element that will be greatly appreciated and appreciated.

It’s about the energy saving the moment you go to reach one certain percentage of battery remaining.

Starting from this situation in fact, the user iPhones will be able to customize this mode. The user can make his own choice manually about how much it will affect compared to animations and effects.

But where and how to benefit from Telegram power saving option on iPhone to save battery?

The procedure is very simple, since it will simply be enough update the Telegram app to the latest versionby going to the App Store, in the App Settings.

However, this is not the only novelty, given that there is also another important aspect within the same package. In fact, to be improved is also the audio-video management speed management.

The latter can be changed easily, and just hold down the inherent button. And if battery saving is a central element, the same goes for the mobile data saving.

This, it should be remembered, is possible through small precautions that are linked in particular to the Downloading attachments and multimedia files that are posted or automatically downloaded from groups and channels.

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