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Ludovico Tersigni arrives in bookstores with his first novel

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On 02/05/2024
Space Monk
Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35 – 00159 – Rome (RM) (Prenestino-Labicano)

On 02/05/2024

«Do you know what beyond means? Beyond and? the limit you give yourself. Straight line to wait, or test, fear, pain to defeat. If you really listen to the deep vibration of your ocean, prove to me that it isn’t? further than you want to go.”
After successes on the big and small screen, Ludovico Tersigni arrives in bookstores with his first novel.
A journey in search of oneself, to breathe again, to rediscover the happiness kept behind a new, imperceptible horizon.

When life calls, the heart responds. However, it is impossible to heed this call when you are bottled up in an existence that is too frenetic, an existence like that of Lorenzo, who sacrificed friendships and passions by giving body and soul to the London of high finance. Not without effort, and? managed to find the right wave and ride it. And now, here he is: young and brilliant, a polished war machine fueled by adrenaline and ambition.

But the fuel runs out. Lorenzo falls and drowns in that wave that previously held him up. He has endured too much, and now he is? broken. His boss decides to send him away for a while, giving him a leave of absence for a few months: why does the engine need to cool down? can the car start again with more? arrogance.

And so?, Lorenzo takes refuge in Fuerteventura – a safe haven, an island of passage for anyone who wants to seek new horizons. He dives into its cold waters accompanied by the surfboard until, finally, he begins to hear it in the distance: and? he is? the call of life. Maybe, somewhere, there is? a wave waiting for him.
He searches for her on the island, then in La Palma and Costa Rica, on a journey destined to continue. Every place welcomes him and transforms him, giving him an ever different version of himself: the world becomes a labyrinth of mirrors in which every reflection hides a new possibility. What to do? Chasing success and security? Or wander, go further, through that? who doesn’t know? Neither? friends scattered around the world, right? the tender melancholy of Buenos Aires and the roar of New York manage to answer these questions. Lorenzo and? forced to follow his instinct: only in India, sitting on the floor of the Yoga school, does he breathe again. He exhales, inhales and realizes that that mythical wave, perhaps, was precisely the loss of himself from which he was running away. In finding himself happily shipwrecked on each new island, a bit like Ulysses, Lorenzo still tries to understand what “Ithaca” means to him. Maybe? that happiness, then, is not kept in moments, hidden behind a final, imperceptible horizon.

Thursday 2 May 2024, 7.00 pm
Space Monk
Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35 – Rome


On 02/05/2024


Space Monk
Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35 – 00159 – Rome (RM)


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