the new, irreverent book by writer Roberta Soverino

It came out these days the fifth, new literary effort by the Monferrato writer, is on the main online platforms Roberta Soverinowith an enigmatic and captivating title “I only keep what I need”.

The author, psychologist and teacher, has been cultivating her passion for writing for several years now with excellent public feedback and criticism, ranging across various literary genres.

In “I keep only what I need” Soverino approaches social satire for the first time, taking inspiration from American Comedy Stand Up.

The book

“I only keep what I need” it’s a falsely ironic journey (actually very serious) on living today, on our relationship with everyday life, which always appears a little outside the lines, not to say neurotic. But will it really be like this?

We laugh (or you smile) in reading the picture, sometimes satirical, sometimes humorous, outlined in this book. Clothing, Facebook friends, school hearings, everything is desecrated in a light and fun wayeven if behind the apparent hilarity one can find an in-depth reflection on today’s needs and desires of each of us.

Author’s biography

Roberta Soverino was born in Asti on 30 December 1977. Dynamically oriented psychologist and psychotherapist, she has been a nursery school teacher for about 20 years. He obtained a Master’s degree in School Psychology. You have collaborated with psychopedagogy magazines such as “Pedagogika”, “Orientamenti Pedagogici”, with articles from the

sector and with “Adomagazine”, of a more purely psychological and psychotherapeutic nature. She is also a freelancer and deals with children, adolescents and adults and their families when they find themselves in difficulty.

As a writer published, in 2019a novel with a historical background, “A medieval destiny” (Floral Necklace) e in 2021 the novel “Travel Encounters” (Policromia Series), both with the Pub Me Publishing House. 2022 it was the turn of an essay on educational psychology, “Beyond good practices”, published by Land Editore. With the same publishing house he published in January 2023 the novel “A couple by chance”. He was born in March 2024 his latest publication, an ironic pamphlet entitled “I only keep what I need”a tragicomic insight into today’s life. Roberta lives in the Alessandria Monferrato, among hills and vineyards.


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