Advances Terra Amara, terrifying discovery: found dead in a refrigerator

The previews of the next episodes of Terra Amara appear. A dead man will be found in a refrigerator: terrifying discovery.

Terra Amara continues to give viewers numerous twists. Indeed the Turkish soap opera is ready to come back again next week with scenes that will keep the audience in suspense. During the next episodes a corpse will be discovered inside a refrigerator. Let’s go see what happens.

What will happen in the next episodes of the show – Credits: Mediaset Infinity –

There are many twists and turns coming in the next episodes of Terra Amara. The television series is aired every day on Canale 5, intriguing viewers with its plots full of surprises. Even the next episodes will not be outdone. The characters that will be analyzed will be different. Starting from Demir who is ready to meet a sad fate. Zuleyha’s husband will be accused of Sevda’s murder. At this point Yaman will be released from prison, after he has heatedly argued with the singer.

Fikret will enter the scene and will try to lend a hand to his half-brother with the intention of getting him out of jail. In fact, his great fear is that there may be repercussions for his family members. Indeed shortly after a gang of criminals will storm the big Yaman ranch. There will be several people injured during the attack led by Hakan. Demir, on the other hand, will disappear into thin air, with Zuleyha anxiously waiting for him. But she will make a gruesome discovery.

Terra Amara, body found in the fridge: all the previews

The Turkish plots of Terra Amara will once again offer several twists. One of them is nothing short of terrifying and will be about your own Zuleyha who will bring to light a body hidden in the fridge. Just the identity of the corpse will shock viewers. So let’s find out who it is.

Zuleyha desperate for the death of her husband –

Zuleyha will therefore find Demir’s body in the refrigerator, thus remaining a widow. The public prosecutor of Cukurova will take care of announcing the discovery of the body. The thorny discovery will take place when a group of bricklayers are present in the house intent on renovating a dilapidated shed. Even the workers will be shocked by the condition of Demir’s body, hit by a large number of bullets. Fikret will know that his half-brother was found lifeless while he is at a Cukurova barbershop.

This will be revealed by a customer who will start talking about the discovery of the progenitor of the Yaman family in dramatic circumstances to say the least. The revelation will shock Fikret and Abdulkadir. Adnan and Leyla’s mother will also be shocked by the news. At the same time we will see a Betul worried about not being able to get back the family business, since it will be inherited by the widow. Finally, at her funeral, Zuleyha will admit that Demir was an excellent father in life.

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