no choice for Lavinia Mauro

no choice for Lavinia Mauro
no choice for Lavinia Mauro

Here are all the advances on the next events of Men and womenthe lucky one dating shows of Canale 5 conducted by Maria DeFilippi.

A few minutes ago it was revealed what happened in today’s recording Men and women. Below are the previews released by Lorenzo Pugnaloni through his page Instagram:

Very beautiful Lavinia, she wore a fuchsia dress, she did an external with Alessio Campoli in which she opened up to him telling him about the blocks she has (the problem of anxiety exx), in the end they kissed.

Also external with Alessio Corvino, they initially quarreled, but then the kiss started.

When Alessio Corvino entered the studio, the speech of the reports started again, also emphasized by Gianni since perhaps his ex was also at his friend’s birthday, Lavinia doesn’t trust him. Nothing was said about the choice.

Nicole was not mentioned.

1200 girls called for Luca, he selected 50. He did an external job with Alessandra and another with a new suitor.

Gemma and Silvio did an external job in a wellness center but they discussed why Silvio would have wanted more attention from her. Initially Silvio did not want to clarify, but then they danced together and reconciled.

Valentina, a 31-year-old girl, came down for Riccardo, held her and they danced together.

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