Twitch Turbo, the platform without ads costs more | New Italy price

Twitch Turbo, the platform without ads costs more | New Italy price
Twitch Turbo, the platform without ads costs more | New Italy price

Twitch without advertisements it will cost more from now on: 11.99 euros instead of 8.99 euros, an increase of more than 33%. The variation of the price list of Turbo affects a large part of the global market (in the US it was $8.99, now $11.99): as explained on the support page, “we’ve adjusted Turbo pricing globally as part of our efforts to help creators build and grow their communities around the world“. There are no changes in the functions made available.

Subscribers to the Twitch Turbo service were notified of the change via email. In some countries the price has even decreased, but in this case, to access the new price list, users must first unsubscribe from the old subscription and then re-subscribe again under the new, more favorable conditions (but, as mentioned, this is not the case with the Italy).

Twitch has released some guidance on the support site:

  • If you want to keep your Twitch Turbo subscription:
    • go to
    • select the modified price
  • If you do NOT want to keep Twitch Turbo:
    • going up > Turbo Subscriptions and cancel your subscription
    • alternatively: wait until 31 August and then cancel your subscription

Yes, because in any case those already registered will be able to take advantage of an “offer” which provides for the payment of 8.99 euros until 31 August, after which it will go down to 11.99 euros. This is only valid for existing subscribers and not for new subscribers.

Twitch Turbo is the paid version of without ads, banners and advertising videos, except for the sponsors of the channel you are currently viewing. Includes some extra features like more emoticons, colors personalized for username in chat, lo coat of arms of the chat and the possibility of archive the broadcast for 60 days instead of 7.

In March, the platform experienced the resignation of CEO Emmett Shear, replaced by Dan Clancy. The company has recently cut 400 jobs to contain costs.

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