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Open to Meraviglia, the Armando Testa agency thanks «for the comments, memes and discussions»

The Armando Testa advertising group thanks the public for the welcome a Open to wonder. In an advertising page on the Corriere della Sera however, the agency that created the Venere Influencer for the Ministry of Tourism points out some things. “When a tourism promotion campaign breaks the wall of indifference and manages to give life in just 5 days to”Italy. Open to Wonder” to such an accessed cultural debate, it always represents something positive. Thanks for the thousands of comments, memes, passionate discussions of these last few days: they really made us feel like the biggest Italian agency». And again: «Thanks to those who made us feel like millionaires! But the 9 million euro investment envisaged by Enit is intended for media planning in all the main markets: Europe, the Gulf countries, the USA, Central and South America, China, India, South East Asia and Australia». The conclusion: «Armando Testa thanks you, and Venus with us. It had been more than 500 years since she was talked about so much. If this isn’t a wonder.” The Open to wonder campaign has been controversial since its inception. For the promo video of Italy actually filmed in Slovenia, for the advertising of millionaires’ resorts and for forgetting to register the domain. In recent days, another accusation about fake followers has also arrived. Tourism Minister Daniela Santanchè has not yet commented on the controversy.

Corriere della Sera | Page of Armando Testa

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