blind fight with the waiters in San Marco

blind fight with the waiters in San Marco
blind fight with the waiters in San Marco

VENICE – Pushes, beating, chairs used as blunt force: everything flew in Piazza San Marconormally the “living room” of Venice except when a few waiterusually staid and thoughtful, loses his temper and chases some away tourists who are too insistent in wanting to go to the bathroom without consuming.

Theatre: the stalls of Gran Caffè Chioggia in Piazzetta San Marco, a room overlooking the Palazzo Ducale. A historic café, where there is even a little band playing. Except that last Thursday it was some petulant tourists who got hit. And the brawl as a saloon it made a whirlwind tour of social media in just a few days. Simple, almost banal dynamics: four Asian tourists arrive, sit at the table, don’t order and start to go to the bathroom, skipping the queue. Let’s add the urgency of the need, a bit of “warm” spirits, a slightly too strong demand, the fact is that the waiters intervene. First with good manners, then gradually looking for other means to be convincing. It didn’t take long from words to turmoil.


The video released online clearly shows chairs flying, pushing and punching, all under the incredulous gaze of passers-by who filmed the scene. Waiters and owners did not comment yesterday. The trade association did it. «Let’s talk, he explains Ernesto Pancin, secretary and director of the Association of Public Business Owners (Aepe) – from Gran Caffè Chioggia, one of our most prestigious members. What happened? Simple: the waiters had to intervene and tried to restore calm. Then the police intervened.” «There are many people in the world, adds Pancin: some show polite behavior, others less suitable for a city like Venice. We must remember that the toilet service in the premises is intended for customers, and in any case, no operator has ever denied access to those who request it”.


An age-old problem after all: when the (physiological) need looms large and one is looking for something toilet in a Cafeit’s good practice ask and consume. An unwritten rule of etiquette and respect for the work of others. Except having to deal with decidedly different “sensitivities”. Hence a proposal. «Perhaps – continues Pancin – we should evaluate the option of apply the same rate as public toilets (1.50, ed.) also for those who wish to use the toilets inside the venue”. In short, a sort of “pee ticket” for bars and restaurants.

«What happened, says Setrak Tokatzian, jeweler in Piazza San Marco, shocked me. To get to this the staff is really exasperated.”

Most tourists are of very low economic, cultural and educational level

The words of the also harsh president of the social group, Matteo Secchi, who did not hesitate to harshly condemn the accident which occurred in the heart of the city. «These are unspeakable scenes in the living room of the world, we are Venice and we cannot allow situations of this type».

In the context of a Venice increasingly crowded with tourists from all over the world, it is therefore essential to manage the complex dynamics. «When our city attracts such a large influx of visitors, as highlighted by Carlotta Vincenti, president of the Venetian Tourist Guides Association, there are inevitably situations that also involve us operators, although not usually directly. On these occasions, we still strive to demonstrate to guests that Venice is a welcoming place, trying to preserve its reputation.”

This type of episode does not do honor to our city and unfortunately represents a less than positive calling card for Venice

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