“You are a mediocre singer”: Orietta Berti embarrassed, humiliated in front of everyone

“You are a mediocre singer”: Orietta Berti embarrassed, humiliated in front of everyone
“You are a mediocre singer”: Orietta Berti embarrassed, humiliated in front of everyone
Orietta Berti under attack (Source GF Vip website) – Lineadiretta24

Orietta Berti ended up in the crosshairs of some serious accusations both as a commentator on the GF Vip and as a singer: she did it in front of everyone.

This TV season, Orietta Berti he has chosen to test himself in clothes that are completely different from those to which everyone is accustomed. In the course of the last six months she has in fact decided to combine her commitments as a singer with those as a columnist.

Alfonso Signorini has in fact offered her a role in the study of GF Vip alongside Sonia Bruganelli and Berti gladly accepted. A task that didn’t turn out to be simple and often the singer ended up in the audience viewer because of some of his opinions.

In these hours, however, it was not a random social media user who lashed out at her but Stefano, Antonella Fiordelisi’s father who has chosen to dedicate words to poison to the columnist.

Orietta Berti, the clash with Antonella Fiordelisi: complicated months

In recent months, the well-known commentator has actually repeatedly lashed out against the Cornflowers. Second Orietta, gieffina did everything just to reach the final and try to bring home the victory. The columnist has often criticized the behavior of Antonella both towards her playmates and those of her boyfriend Edoardo Donnamaria.

According to Berti, gieffina is linked to the strongest characters and based on their followers on social networks. She while she has always justified some behaviors of Donnamaria emphasizing how they were in part a consequence of Antonella’s provocations. Also on the occasion of the last episode aired, Orietta lost control live and accused Fiordelisi in the studio for the result of the finalist televoting.

Stefano Fiordelisi defends Antonella (Source GF Vip website) – Lineadiretta24

Stefano Fiordelisi intervenes live, the accusations against Berti

A situation that this time triggered the reaction of Antonella’s father who on Instagram he let himself go with words to poison against the columnist. As it reports Isa and Chia, Stefano Fiordelisi he wrote: “Dear Orietta, dialectic is not your forte after all you are a singer (even quite mediocre), but I invite you to throw the poison in your house and not on a more polite girl than you“.

The same dad as Antonella criticized the decision to bring her daughter to the studio for the third time despite the televoting against her. She also invited her daughter’s fans not to vote for her in the next televotes to allow her to return home as soon as possible.

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