The Kolors in concert on April 3rd at the Forum in Assago: special guests Geolier, Irama and Umberto Tozzi. Lineup and info

The Kolors in concert on April 3rd at the Forum in Assago: special guests Geolier, Irama and Umberto Tozzi. Lineup and info
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The band for the first time on the Assago stage. Stash: «We looked at the arena and wondered when it would be our turn to perform. It’s creepy”

They won «Amici» in 2015 and have not stopped since then. First the three-time platinum album – «Out» -, then a series of sold out concerts, a record with the producer of Madonna and other celebrated American pop stars, followed by the most danced hit of the summer and the great success at the Sanremo. For The Kolors, while riding the wave of success of «A Boy, a Girl», Now comes the first concert at the Forum in Assago. «It will be a big surprise – says Antonio Fiordispino, alias Stash, frontman of the Neapolitan trio, completed by his cousin Alex Fiordispino, and Dario Iaculli -, first of all for us because it is the first time we will play there. This is already a big step for us who moved to Milan with the dream of making music and by a thousand coincidences we have always lived on the Navigli, therefore south of the city. Every time we returned to Milan from Naples we passed that structure. We have always looked at her with eyes full of dreams. We always said to each other “who knows if we’ll play there one day”. And knowing that that day is about to arrive is a feeling that cannot be explained in words.”

To celebrate this musical debut in the Milanese arena, the band has announced three special guests who will go on stage with them in tonight’s concert: Umberto Tozziwho had already joined them at this year’s Sanremo Festival during the evening dedicated to covers and duets, and friends Geolier and Irama, of which they also created a funk version of the songs «I p’me, tu p’te» and «La genesi del tuo colore», published on the trio’s social networks. Like any self-respecting group, there is no shortage of sources of inspiration: «Soulwax is certainly among our reference bands – added Stash -, a group that combines the heat of rock with the cold of electronics. And then all the bands that start from indie, like “1975”». However, there is no lack of passion for Prince and Michael Jackson, betrayed by a tattoo of Jacko’s face on the leader’s forearm. «It’s a tribute to the “king of pop”. We were influenced a lot by his funk and also by that of James Brown, two musicians who changed the pace of pop-rock.” They too, like many other musicians in search of glory, moved to Milan to play.

«We were the Monkeys’ resident band – recalls the frontman -. That venue taught us to be on stage, even if sometimes we played practically alone, with a couple of spectators who ended up there by chance.”
A tough apprenticeship, which ended with the victory at «Amici», after a series of rejections from record companies who bounced them when we brought songs in English. Now, their success, which winds between funk, rock, and electronic pop-dance, now seems unstoppable. Last summer’s international triumph of «Italodisco», which boasts 135 million streams, triple platinum in Italy and gold in Switzerland, was confirmed by «A boy a girl», one of the most broadcast songs currently on Italian radios.

Where and when

Tonight, April 3, The Kolors will go on stage for the first time at the Assago Forum (via di Vittorio 6, 9pm. Eng. 25.30/51.70 euros). The trio formed by Alex Fiordispino, Antonio «Stash» Fiordispino and Dario Iaculli will propose the successes of the career that began in 2014 with «I want». Among these, also the hits «Italodisco» and «A boy a girl». Guests Umberto Tozzi, Geolier and Irama

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