Loredana Bertè and Renato Zero, why did they argue? Here’s a clip from the past. And she says: «Maybe we could get closer again»

Loredana Bertè and Renato Zero, why did they argue? Here’s a clip from the past. And she says: «Maybe we could get closer again»
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They lived through the golden years of Italian music. They were friends, accomplices and colleagues. But for a while it seems their friendship has taken a turn for the worse. Who is it about? By Loredana Bertè and Renato Zero. At the basis of everything there would be the singer’s complaint regarding the rights to some songs that she had written. No reply on this matter from Zero. Yet, only a few years ago, Bertè declared: “When I asked him to give me back at least the recorded tracks, Renato asked me for one hundred million. I was amazed: you can’t defend yourself from friends, you don’t expect something like this. I think Renato used me for the entire span of our friendship. We will never make peace again. I don’t forgive him.” The only statements made to the press by Renato Zero were, however, the following. “I’ve noticed that since I no longer hang out with her as much as I used to, she’s improved a lot. Evidently we must continue to love each other from a distance and keep faith in the promise of never leaving each other because the heart knows where to go. Even without you telling him. Friendship is a closed chapter.” And then: “Together we have done so many in the past that also cover the years to come. We have said what we had to say to each other in 35 years of friendship. We have now taken different paths. It’s right that she lives her life and I live mine.” To orient ourselves temporally as to why Loredana Bertè and Renato Zero argued, we need to go back in time. Precisely, in an episode of Forum di Sera in 1996 where Rita Dalla Chiesa was able to get the artist to speak. After many years, could things go back to the way they were before between the two? During her interview with Belve, Bertè made an admission: “Of course I miss him and I need him. Will there be a rapprochement sooner or later? I don’t really know, maybe yes. It depends, let’s say it depends a lot on him now. He has always been there in my life.”

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