the number of dislikes and negative comments on the trailer is staggering

The trailer for The Little Mermaid has only been out for 5 days but has gotten a lot of dislikes and very ironic comments.

Ever since the casting choice of its protagonist, the live action Disney The Little Mermaid has always been highly contested. In fact, many fans didn’t like it the choice of the very young African-American actress Halle Bailey, originally from Atlanta in Georgia, for the role of Ariel.
Just yesterday, actor Josh Gad defended Bailey. Not born under the best auspices, therefore, the film continues to have unpromising feedback, since the official trailer launched 5 days ago got almost 1 million 142 thousand I don’t like it out of 9 million and 147 thousand views against only 211 thousand likes. The figures were released by the Japanese site YouTube Dislike Viewier specialized in ranking the most “despised” trailers on YouTube.
HERE YOU CAN SEE THE RANKING OBTAINED FROM THE TRAILER. The comments below are also quite caustic. Commentators indulged in the rather cruel little game of quoting phrases taken from other films, also to make fun of how much it resembles other blockbusters and how, probably, any film is preferable to this one. “I love it when Ariel shouts ‘This is SPARTA'”. “I love the part where Ariel says ‘Did you put your name in the goblet of fire?'” “I love when Ariel says, ‘I see dead people.'” And so on without respite. Someone preferred to focus on such a key character as Sebastian sounds “creepy and fake”. Very few said they can’t wait to see the film, because Bailey is “beautiful and sings divinely”.

The Little Mermaid: Halle Bailey in an underwater scene

The trailer showed a rather faithful transposition of the animated version with Ariel, the youngest daughter of the ruler of the kingdom of Atlantica, Triton, fascinated by the human world. But mermaids like her are forbidden to explore it. After rescuing Prince Eric from shipwreck and falling in love with her, she is determined to be with him in the world above water. About Her Her actions lead to a confrontation with her father and an encounter with the devious sea witch Ursula, with whom Ariel strikes a deal to trade her beautiful voice for human legs in order to reach Eric. However, Ariel ends up endangering her life and her father’s crown.

With similar premises, how will the film go to the cinema? The worst is to be feared. We’ll find out on May 24, when the film hits theaters.

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