“Bennacer came to my hotel. And…”

“Bennacer came to my hotel. And…”
“Bennacer came to my hotel. And…”

The penalty goal scored against Udinese made him the oldest goalscorer in the history of A leaguebut the network of Zlatan Ibrahimovic it wasn’t enough to avoid the collapse of Milan, defeated by Udinese 3-1 in a game in which the Rossoneri showed worrying limitations.

In fact, Zlatan – 41 years old – in post-match interviews, while not hiding his disappointment, he even managed to joke. First of all on the new record, “snatched” a Billy Costacurta: “He’d better keep this record, I don’t want it”.

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So, another half-joking revelation about him wearing the captain’s armband, which technically belonged to Ismael Bennacer. In fact, Ibra revealed that he had received a visit from his partner in the hotel room, close to the match: “Is there still room for emotions? Yes, in my opinion there is still room, then Isma today came to my room is told me I want you to be captain and I told him okay, I’ll take this pressure off you, so you can focus on the match“, he said. As if Zlatan, in his own words, wanted to take some of the pressure off his partner.

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