Cagliari escapes twice on penalties, Juve equalizes with an own goal. Lazio passes against Genoa

Cagliari escapes twice on penalties, Juve equalizes with an own goal. Lazio passes against Genoa
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Juventus took a risk in Cagliari, but in the end equalized after being two goals down: Allegri’s team saved by a free kick from Vlahovic and above all by an own goal by Dossena. In the end, a bitter draw especially for Cagliari: they ended the first half leading 2-0 with penalties from Gaetano and Mina. And the rossoblu had toyed with the idea of ​​being able to almost close the issue of salvation early with a beautiful and prestigious victory with a big team. One point though Cagliari’s ranking moves up. Is that instead it is a broth for Juventus: he doesn’t lose the game and face, but perhaps the fans in Cagliari expected a different attitude. In the first half Allegri fell a bit into Ranieri’s trap.

Cagliari turbocharged first half, Juve disarmed

Cagliari let Juve take the first step by starting again with them Luvumbo and Shomurodov unleashed. And the rossoblu goals arrived. In the second half, Juventus were proud and finally brought in all their attackers. And in the end he straightened the match with an own goal. Allegri focused on Alcaraz from the first minute alongside Locatelli and Rabiot. Weah and Cambiaso on the flanks, Chiesa close to Vlahovic in front. Ranieri’s response was almost mirror-like with Nandez and Augello on the external lanes. In the midfield Makoumbou and Sulemana with Luvumbo and Gaetano available to lend a hand starting from afar. And also ready to help Shomurodov. Cagliari concentrated and aggressive: treacherous rather than dangerous with Shomurodov and Luvumbo. Juventus quite imprecise with balls lost in favor of the rossoblu counterattacks always with the wild Uzbek-Angolan pair.

One two deadly

However, the Bianconeri were ready to hurt: the first shot on goal with Weah in the 20th minute. In the end, Cagliari’s resourcefulness was rewarded with a penalty for a handball by Bremer following a header by Dossena. Gaetano makes no mistakes from the spot. Luvumbo misses the second on an assist from Shomurodov. But shortly after he gets the timing right and plays again on Shomurodov’s illuminated pocket. Szczesny also misses, but the Juventus goalkeeper overwhelms the Angolan, another penalty. This time Mina appears from the spot, specialist since Everton: same corner as before, more goals. Juve’s first real shock only in the final: Chiesa’s escape on the left and an easy ball for Vlahovic in the middle. Goal, but it was offside. The VAR also confirms, however, showing that it was really a question of centimeters. In the second half Allegri tried to “widen” the field with Yidliz replacing Alcaraz, who was also bothered by a facial injury. But Prati was the first to shoot on goal.

Vlahovic, always him. Then the own goal

Game in the hands of Juventus with Cagliari falling too low and not restarting with the precision and speed of the first half, it is no coincidence that Juventus reopens the match. Juventus’ rebirth began from a hotly contested free kick on the edge of the area: free kick from Vlahovic and the ball goes into the corner not covered by the barrier and the goalkeeper. Cagliari is a lucky city for Vlahovic: in Sardinia during his time with Fiorentina he scored his first goals in Serie A. Little to lose for Allegri who became super offensive with Milik alongside Vlahovic. In the end it almost became a one-goal match even if Juventus wasn’t very clear. The goal made it two-two precisely from a cross from one of the new arrivals, Yildiz. Dossena, in a desperate attempt to anticipate Vlahovic, hit very badly, mocking Scuffet. At the end Allegri asked his team to win the match. But only melee after melee arrived. Two by two. Juventus always calm in the Champions League zone. Cagliari one step ahead: from the Atalanta-Inter-Juve triptych they emerged with five points that smell of salvation.

Lazio: Luis Alberto’s decisive blow

Lazio defeats Genoa 1-0 in the Ferraris match, valid for the thirty-third day of the 2023/2024 Serie A championship: a goal from Luis Alberto decides. Ready to go and De Winter immediately makes a mistake by giving the ball to Castellanos, who miscontrols and fails to kick. The reaction of the rossoblù is immediate with Ekuban who, instead of serving Retegui in a good position, ends up hitting the outside of the net. After a lively start to the match, the pace slowed down considerably and the two teams struggled to create scoring opportunities. The Biancocelesti try to rely on Felipe Anderson, who in the 27th minute beats Vogliacco and goes for a shot, but misses the target.

Champions air

In the 36th minute Igor Tudor loses Lazzari due to injury and is forced to replace: Hysaj comes onto the pitch in place of the former Spal player. Good first half finish from the side of Gilardino’s men, who become dangerous with De Winter and Vasquez, but their shots lack precision. A few seconds before the break the Ligurian team came close to taking the lead, but Ekuban was selfish and wasted a great opportunity. At half-time the score was 0-0. In the second half, Lazio entered the field with a different attitude, coming very close to scoring the lead in the 61st minute with Felipe Anderson, on whose conclusion Martin’s intervention was decisive. The time was ripe for the Biancocelesti to take the lead, which came in the 67th minute: great verticalization by Felipe Anderson for Kamada, who provided the assist for Luis Alberto, who did well to deposit the ball at the bottom of the bag. Genoa tries to rely on substitutions to regain the match, but the entrances of Badelj and Akenye fail to make an impact. In the final, the rossoblù tried to go after the equalizer, but the Romans repelled any offensive. Lazio, therefore, prevailed 1-0 and brought home its second consecutive victory

April 19, 2024


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