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Covid outbreak on a mink farm

Covid outbreak on a mink farm
Covid outbreak on a mink farm

Covid outbreak in a mink farm in Calvagese della Riviera: more than 1,500 will have to be slaughtered. This is what the ordinance of May 3 of the Ministry of Health provides, and from May 6 in the Official Gazette, implemented by Ats Brescia – the health authority – which therefore ordered the definitive demolition.

The outbreak, according to the Ministry’s ordinance, was identified on 26 April as part of the periodic surveillance activity in mink farms where, we recall, positives had already been detected in the European Union since the end of October 2020. Sars-Cov2 virus.

Ministry order

The ordinance signed by Minister Orazio Schillaci reports a note from the WHO, the World Health Organization, according to which the risk of transmission of the virus from fur farms to humans remains “very probable and high”, in addition to the ” significant health risk” also for other animals: hence the need to intervene with “urgent measures”. The over 1,500 mink of the Calvagese farm will therefore have to be slaughtered: the owners of the farm will be compensated.

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