Belluno, presentation of the book «Zampe all’aria» by Sandro Neri

On Monday 20 March at 18, at the Tarantola Library in Belluno, the book review «A mountain of voices» begins, organized with the collaboration of the Civic Library of Belluno, with the presentation of the book «Zampe all’aria» by Sandro Neri (it will be present the author who will dialogue with Fabio Bristot Rufus).

Sandro Neri is recognized as one of the strongest climbers in Belluno. Since the early 1980s, following in the footsteps of Mauro Corona and Icio Dall’Omo (the famous “boys from the Erto zoo”), he has contributed to the growth of sport climbing in the province and in Italy. Talented climber, he will explain how his passion for climbing was born and how it has evolved over the years, from the opening of new top-level itineraries to competitions, born right in that period.
All of this is remembered with “legs in the air” after a trivial fall on a cliff forced him to spend several months in hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Neri in this book is not only a narrator, but also a poet. He manages, with a few dialectal verses, to convey the essence of the climb and the educational value it contains. A pleasant, exciting, sometimes hilarious read.
Free admission open to all. Info: tel. 043727825.

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