Pushed into the crocodile’s meal ready to attack: “It’s awful.” What happened to the baby

Pushed into the crocodile’s meal ready to attack: “It’s awful.” What happened to the baby
Pushed into the crocodile’s meal ready to attack: “It’s awful.” What happened to the baby

A terrible joke, a child of a few years was pushed into the water, immediately the crocodile approaches, how did it end?

Child – Video Screenshot – Ecoo.it

A child was pushed into the water, waiting for him a crocodile ready to attack. Before delving into the story, it is necessary to briefly reflect on how to survive a similar attack since similar stories are read more and more frequently on the pages of crime news. These reptiles live along water courses such as rivers or in very swampy areas of Asia, Africa, Australia and America but even in China it is possible to come across some specimens. Always hunted for its skin used in bags, belts, shoes and accessories of all kinds, today the meat of the crocodile is also eaten, said by many delicious and delicate as well as very expensive given the prized animal.

As we said, similar stories are heard more and more frequently, where crocodiles are the real protagonists of incredible events and often tragic. Finding yourself face to face with such a prehistoric animal is certainly not a walk in health, the first thing to keep in mind, as far as possible is keep calm, and consider the fact that we are often attacked by animals when they feel threatened.

In case you have an encounter with a crocodile walk away without attracting attentionif the same should start chasing you (naturally on dry land) run as hard as you can looking for a hill where to shelter. For attacks in the water the modus operandi changes, in that case there is no peace of mind, the only way to salvation is to escape, swim towards the shore, in the event of a struggle, hit the eyes with a stone or a knife and the muzzle of the animal.

The most dangerous crocodile in the world

As scary and scary as crocodiles are, only one is the biggest and wildest in the world, the infamous Nile crocodile, escaping from its grip is practically impossible since it considers humans as foods to be consumed regularly in its diet. The size is impressive, its weight can reach 1,650 kg for 5 meters in length.

Children at the river – Video screenshot – Ecoo.it

The Nile crocodile has so much strength that it can kill animals much larger than itself, grabbing them with its jaws, dragging them into the water and drowning them with no way out. Its preferred tactic is the rotation, the jaw fixed on the prey and a circular motion in the water, allowing this reptile to succeed in its intent. Since, by conformation, this crocodile does not have large teeth, it forcefully tears shreds of flesh and bones, swallowing them in a few minutes.

They throw him in the water, what happened to the baby?

A joke in bad taste, a video of a few seconds that leaves millions of users baffled. Some kids are playing on the jetty next to a river, they seem interested in having fun and watching a crocodile stalking, suddenly a child pushes the “unfortunate” protagonist into the water and the reptile attacks. The images went around the web, the comments were varied: “It’s awful”writes a shocked mother, “But whoever films does nothing?”someone else comments. Finally, after a while, among the endless lines of considerations, someone exclaims: “Can’t you see it’s a remote-controlled alligator?”actually looking better at the images, in cold blood and without getting anxious, is a fake animal that takes off when the child falls into the water, evidently operated via a remote control by the other kids present at the moment of the prank.

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