War in the Middle East, shocking video of a wounded Palestinian tied to the hood of an armored vehicle like a human shield – Middle East

War in the Middle East, shocking video of a wounded Palestinian tied to the hood of an armored vehicle like a human shield – Middle East
War in the Middle East, shocking video of a wounded Palestinian tied to the hood of an armored vehicle like a human shield – Middle East

The images of a have shaken the internet Palestinian wounded and tied to the hood of an Israeli military vehicle moving among the rubble, almost as if it were a human shield, according to some comments on the web: images shot in the north of the West Bank and distributed by Al Jazeera which in its post on X comments: “The occupation forces thus abuse the body of a young Palestinian by tying him to a military vehicle”. Conduct stigmatized by Israel so much so that the army said that whoever tied up the man acted against the protocols of the armed forces, a choice “contrary to orders and procedures”. It all happened in the Wadi Burqin area, adjacent to the city of Jenin, after a military operation aimed at arresting wanted Palestinians. During the operation, the IDF reported that its soldiers returned fire at armed men. One of them was shot, then arrested, and taken out of the area tied to the hood of the vehicle. “The conduct recorded in the video is inconsistent with IDF orders and what is expected of its soldiers,” the military said. “The incident – they add – is under investigation and will be treated accordingly”. Meanwhile, the injured Palestinian has been handed over to the Red Crescent for the necessary treatment.

Palestinian sources, reported by Israeli media, reported that “many victims” were recorded in Israeli raids on the Shati refugee camp and the suburb of Tuffah, both in Gaza City, in the center of the Strip. According to the same sources, there are also images that have been posted on social media. Shortly before, the IDF had announced that it had two military positions in the Gaza City area.

The office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gazasurrounded by hundreds of displaced civilians living in tents, it was damaged by large caliber bullets fallen nearby”: immediately after the bombing”22 bodies and 45 wounded were taken to the nearby Red Cross field hospital“. This was announced by the ICRC itself on X.

The Israeli army is not involved in the raid which, according to Palestinian sources, left at least 22 dead and 45 injured in the Mawasi humanitarian zone in the south of the Strip near Rafah. “Preliminary investigations into the raid – underlined the military spokesperson, quoted by the media – indicate that the army did not strike. Other investigations are underway”.

Israel, ‘2 rockets launched from Rafah fell near kibbutz’

Two rockets fired from Rafah in the south of the Strip fell in an open area near Kibbutz Safa in southern Israel, where warning sirens had previously sounded. The army announced this, adding that there was no damage or victims.

Wafa, 12-year-old wounded Palestinian died last week

The 12-year-old Palestinian teenager, Muhammad Murad Khoshiyeh, who was seriously injured last week by Israeli army fire in clashes in Al Bireh, near Ramallah in the West Bank, has died in hospital. Wafa reported this, citing medical sources.

US sources, at war with Hezbollah, full support for Israel

Senior US administration officials have reassured Israel that if all-out war were to break out in the north with Hezbollah, the United States stands ready to support Israel and provide it with all the security assistance it needs. This was reported by CNN regarding the meeting held in Washington by the Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer and the head of the National Assembly Tzachi Hanegbi with the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

IDF, ‘Israeli killed in Qalqilya in the West Bank’

An Israeli was killed in the area of ​​the West Bank city of Qalqilya. This was announced by the army which is now operating in the area. According to the media, the man had been seriously injured by shots fired at his car while he was traveling in the area. Images on social media – reported by the same sources – showed that the man’s car was then set on fire. It is not known what the Israeli was doing in Qalqilya, as by law Israeli citizens cannot enter areas controlled by the PA. The incident occurred a day after Israeli police killed two wanted Palestinians in Qalqilya.

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