Russia remembers Prigozhin: monument dedicated to Wagner founder unveiled

Russia decided to celebrate Yevgeny Prigozhinthe head of the private military company Wagner died on 23 August 2023 in the crash of his private plane, the causes of which were never clarified by the Investigative Committee of the Federation. A memorial was erected on the grave of “Putin’s cook” in the Porokhovskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg. monument in natural bronze.

The statue will be officially inaugurated on June 1st and immortalizes the founder of Wagner with three stars of the honor pinned on his chest.Hero of Russia” and the self-proclaimed Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. The author of the work, the sculptor Yaroslav Barkov, explained to the local newspaper Fontanka that Prigozhin’s mother “he categorically did not want the image of a military” and insisted on the portrayal of an ordinary Russian citizen, “a patriotic man whose soul and heart ached for Russia”. A stele will be positioned behind the statue where the name of the entrepreneur, the dates of birth and death and the symbols of the Wagner company will be shown.

Until this news spread, the location of Prigozhin’s burial, which took place on August 29, remained secret. Putin’s “chef” died two months after leading a revolt against Russian defense leaders by marching on Moscow. His plane crashed in the Tver region and all passengers on board the flight died. According to unofficial versions, the jet was shot down by a missile or it would have crashed after one exploded bomb on board. In October 2023, President Vladimir Putin stated that fragments of grenades.

After the death of its founder, the Wagner company saw its importance significantly reduced. Part of the mercenaries settled in Belarusianwhile others have merged into the Rosgvardia, the national guard of the Federation. As for the empire built by Prigozhin in Africa and composed of oil and mineral deposits, it is gradually coming under the control of a new formation, the “Africa Corps”. Always made up of contractors, this unit began deploying in force to Libya in April 2024.

Cargo planes and merchant ships transported soldiers and war materials to Tobrukin the territory controlled by General Khalifa Haftar which will serve as a bridge to extend the Kremlin’s operations into Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali and the Central African Republic.

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