Gaza without anesthesia, the Pope’s “faggotness”, the mother of the dead newborn baby traced, there is a problem with the polls and other news you need to know to start the day

Gaza without anesthesia, the Pope’s “faggotness”, the mother of the dead newborn baby traced, there is a problem with the polls and other news you need to know to start the day
Gaza without anesthesia, the Pope’s “faggotness”, the mother of the dead newborn baby traced, there is a problem with the polls and other news you need to know to start the day

Good morning from the editorial team. Here’s Start, the news you need to know to start the day: it’s Tuesday 28 May 2024.

GAZA WITHOUT ANESTHESIA. Massacre in Gaza: at least 45 dead and 180 injured in an Israeli raid on a refugee camp in Rafah: the bombs would have started a devastating fire. Some Hamas commanders were targeted. The journalist of Al Jazeera Mat Nashed reports testimonies of children with very serious burns operated on without any anesthesia. University professor Monica Marks: “For months I have thought that Israel’s blockade of anesthetics in Gaza is, in itself, a crime that should disgust the world. Think about what that means. Your child, your wife or yourself having surgery without anesthesia, in a war zone. Grotesque.” The shortage of painkillers and anesthetics has been reported for months by healthcare workers: “We leave patients screaming for hours,” a doctor told the BBC in February. Netanyahu speaks of “tragic accident” but the war will continue. UN Secretary General Guterres: “There is no safe place in Gaza”.

DAD AND “FRACIAGGINE”. Confirmations are arriving, he really said it. Very harsh attack by Pope Francis against the presence of homosexuals in seminaries. In the closed-door meeting with over 200 Italian bishops, he asked for greater selection, pointing the finger at the excess of “faggotness”. Italian is not the Pope’s first language, in the past he has committed gaffes and errors, but those who were there were still left speechless. From “who am I to judge” we have moved on to a much more trenchant position, if only with regards to the selection and training of priests. The accident, if it is an accident, could have a profound impact on how his attitude towards gay people is perceived.

WITHOUT SURVEYS. We are in the last two weeks before the European elections and it is forbidden to disclose polls until the day of the vote. The electoral blackout, introduced in 1997 to prevent its use as a tool for manipulating public opinion, came when the latest available surveys opened up many questions: Action, the Greens and the Italian Left, Renzi and Bonino just above or just below the threshold. by 4%. Lega and Forza Italia fighting for second place at around 9%. The M5s is just over 15%, but the focus is entirely on the challenge between the two major parties. The 7 point gap in the 2022 policies between the Pd and FdI could be significantly reduced. The real problem is that the blackout opens the way to the clandestine circulation (pervasive on social media and WhatsApp) of surveys which in theory could even be completely invented, and which in any case are not verifiable.

KHARKIV UNDER THE BOMBS. Kharkiv is bombed every day by Russia. The mayor interviewed by Press he says: “The last week has been terrible, the enemy always shoots. They also hit a press center, in which 7 people died, 5 of them women. Then, the Epicentr (Ukrainian chain of shopping centers) was bombed in a holiday, when entire families come. The sirens sound 8-12 hours a day spooky. You don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary. You don’t see any children on the streets anymore.”

DEAD NEWBORN. The newborn found dead on Sunday, with the umbilical cord still attached, inside a backpack abandoned among the rocks was apparently given birth to a thirteen-year-old, of Italian nationality, from Villa San Giovanni. The girl was tracked down and hospitalized for septicemia, the birth would have taken place last weekend. Investigators are maintaining confidentiality regarding the details of the matter: we are faced with a particularly degraded context.

I would also like to point out briefly:

HONORABLE YELLOW. A murder investigation file has been opened by the Palermo prosecutor’s office after the death of Angelo Onorato, the entrepreneur, husband of MEP Francesca Donato, found lifeless with a band around his neck. The magistrates continue to lean towards the theory of suicide, even if the reason for the gesture is far from clear.

ITALIAN CARS. Stellantis announces the new productions in the Italian factories: the news that was in the air is official, from 2026 the hybrid 500 will be produced in Mirafiori, to be added to the electric one, also in Turin. In Melfi, however, a new hybrid version of the Jeep Compass will land. In Pomigliano the Panda could be extended until 2029. New hires expected.

FEWER SPEED CAMERA. Goodbye to speed cameras that pop up unexpectedly around a bend or on city streets where the speed limit is less than 50 km per hour. They must always be clearly visible, spaced out and, in the case of mobile devices, the complaint must be immediate. Today in the Official Journal the relaxation of the rules decided by the Minister of Transport Salvini: “Enough to make money on the skin of motorists”.

MELONS STRATEGY. Prime Minister Meloni sees the possibility of ‘a different majority’ from the outgoing one in the European Parliament. “If things don’t go this way, I have already shown that with common sense Italy can lead the way on many policies,” she says. Pro-EU wall. “We will not make alliances with the far right or with those who make agreements with them”, says the president of the Socialists and Democrats group Garcia Perez.

MEDICINE TEST. The first session of the Medicine entrance test starts today, the second will be held on July 30th. The quiz returns nationally and on paper: 60 questions (in 100 minutes). There are currently 20,867 places available to aspiring white coats.

ALERT TODAY. Today there will also be strong storms in the North. May has never been so wet in certain northern regions. Yellow alert on Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Basilicata, most of Veneto, Lombardy, Umbria, Abruzzo and Molise, part of Puglia and Calabria.

SUMMER WEATHER. Meteorologist Giulio Betti Cnr/Lamma reports the first weather trend for the summer. It is impossible to have precise forecasts, obviously, but the reports speak of “low probability of early heat waves in the first half of June with episodes of instability, then temperatures rising. July and August hotter and probably drier than normal, especially in the center -south”.

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