“Raped by seven men”, the shocking story of the Spanish influencer

“Raped by seven men”, the shocking story of the Spanish influencer
“Raped by seven men”, the shocking story of the Spanish influencer

A truly shocking story that of Fernanda, aSpanish influencer of Brazilian origins who went to India with her husband for a trip. In fact, the woman reported that she and her spouse were attacked by seven men who, after having threatened them, took advantage of the situation to sexually abuse her.

The nightmare

According to reports from foreign newspapers, the protagonists of this horrible story are a Spanish influencer, known on social media as fernanda.4ever, and her husband Vicente, a compatriot. The two were engaged in a long voyage around the world. On board their motorbike, the couple had already explored Sri Lanka, Armenia and Iran, sharing images and photos of their adventures on social media. Then, last Friday, something they never expected happened.

The two were in India, and were visiting Dumka district in Jharkhand when they came across a group of seven men. “Something happened to us that we wouldn’t wish on anyone.” said the influencer’s husband, as reported by the news portal Infobae.com. “They attacked us in the shop, they beat us, they put a knife around our neck, they wanted to kill me, and Fernanda was raped by seven, seven boys, sons of b****s.”

According to what was reported by the Spanish couple, therefore, the influencer would have been sexually abused from the group of men. The two then reported everything by posting a video on social media: a video that the Indian authorities asked to be removed so as not to hinder the investigations. The local police are therefore dealing with the case. Immediately after the attack, the victim and her husband asked for help and were taken to the emergency room of the local hospital for checks. At a later time they reached another facility where a DNA test was performed on the woman.

The arrests and the controversies

This episode brought to attention an important issue such as women’s safety on Indian territory. Great indignation arose after this latest event. Police investigations have already led to the arrest of three of the seven wanted men. The search for the other four is still ongoing.

According to a recent report from the Thomson Reuters Foundationdated 2018, on risk of sexual violence for women in India it stood as the highest in the world. After India, there are nations like Afghanistan and Syria. “India has shown utter contempt and disrespect towards women…rape, marital rape, sexual assault and harassment, female infanticide has not decreased”Karnataka state government official Manjunath Gangadhara said at the time of the report’s release.

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