Barbara De Santi dances with Maurizio, Roberta rejects Antonio

A new episode of. aired today Men and women. The September 18th appointment began with Cyrus, who gave a gift to Maria Teresa. The knight of the throne brought a basket of fresh figs to his lady. In fact, the gentleman has shown that he intends to start a cohabitation with the lady in question. Ciro would claim that Maria Teresa move to his locality where he has been a widower for five years. In this regard, the knight revealed that he has five children, sixteen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. With his deceased wife, Ciro crossed the finish line of 25 years of marriage. Unfortunately Maria Teresa and Carmela did not appear interested in meeting the knight. The latter herself declared in the study of Men and Women that she wanted to meet a good-looking and kind man.

Men and Women, today’s episode: Roberta Di Padua rejected Antonio’s courtship, Barbara De Santi dances with Maurizio

During the episode of September 18th of Men and Women, Roberta Di Padua she sat in the center of the study. At this point, Maria De Filippi had a 42-year-old knight of Calabrian origins but who lives and works in Bologna come down for the lady of the throne. The man was very impressed by Roberta Di Padua’s appearance. In fact, in the studio, the knight declared: “You are an intelligent woman.” THEFurthermore, he revealed that he has two children and has been married for 28 years. Too bad the lady of the throne didn’t appear interested in Anthonyso much so that he rejected his courtship. However, the man aroused the sympathies of other ladies in the Men and Women parterre, so much so that he decided to stay to get to know Manuela. Barbara De Santi, instead, he granted a dance to Mauricethe knight who is having an acquaintance with Gemma Galgani.

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