My parents always fought, my boyfriend helped me escape

My parents always fought, my boyfriend helped me escape
My parents always fought, my boyfriend helped me escape

Big Brother 2023/2024

On Big Brother, Angelica Baraldi talked about the difficult relationship with her parents and in particular with her father.

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Big Brother 2023/2024

Angelica Baraldi he told his story in the episode of Big Brother broadcast on Monday 18 September. The 26-year-old spoke about the difficult relationship with his parents, in particular with the father. At a certain point, she found herself forced to leave her house and move away to find her serenity.

Big Brother, Angelica Baraldi talks about the difficult relationship with her father

Alfonso Signorini broadcast a video that summarized what Angelica Baraldi said in recent days:

I couldn’t go to meet my dad. I have never had a normal life, I have never had a lunch, a dinner, where I could talk about myself, about my friends, about school. I could never talk about myself. They always argued. They are now separated. I closed many doors to him after the separation because I was angry at how they had handled the matter.

And he continued his story: “For a year I was massacred because I went to Rome to work, to make a living like this, to gain my independence and autonomy. Without asking my father for a penny. Everyone appreciates me except my father“. And he concluded:

It happened many times that when I returned from Rome he looked at me and burst into tears, so I know that he feels bad about it too. But I feel bad about it too. It’s just that it’s difficult. I told him too many years ago “I love you”. One of my goals of this experience is to show him who I am, I think he doesn’t know the woman I have become. I hope he’s proud.

The desire to reconcile with his father

Back live, Angelica Baraldi explained: “The situation at home has always been difficult, complicated, the climate was not peaceful. My parents have two different characters and couldn’t get along. I tried to act as an intermediary and then I got tired of it. This was interpreted as not caring, but it was actually a defense because I was saturated“. During Covid, his parents decided to separate:

Inside me, I was a little hoping for a separation because I couldn’t stand seeing them both unhappy anymore, but then the situation got worse, other dynamics took over. […] I came to the realization that I had to distance myself thanks to my boyfriend Riccardo, who told me that it wasn’t normal for me to be that way, that I had nothing to do with those discussions. He told me: “You have to believe in yourself and if you want to escape from this situation because you’re sick, we’ll do it together.” I went to Rome with him.

Finally, Cesara Buonamici asked her if she is ready to hug her father again today. Gieffina admitted: “It is my greatest wish“.

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