«There is no sea in Veneto»

«There is no sea in Veneto»
«There is no sea in Veneto»

The geography test has always held great pearls, not even the third episode of Big Brother was any exception. The tenants, in particular Garibaldi and Samira, gave viewers “pearls”, such as the Cinque Terre in Tuscany. Not even Alfonso Signorini escaped unscathed.

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Big Brother, Signorini’s gaffe: «There is no sea in Veneto» (credits Mediaset press office)

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The gaffe

Garibaldi made Italy and Garibaldi destroyed it. We are obviously talking about Giuseppe Garibaldi from Big Brother who competed with Samira in the geography test, with a budget increase at stake.

The competitor had to draw Italy and commented as follows:

«I am the one who will design Italy. After Tuscany there are the 5 lands – and again – The capital of Abruzzo is Ancona.” Great confusion between Matera and Macerata, in short, a series of blunders that provide lots of laughter both in the studio and on social media. Even Signorini, even in a playful atmosphere, becomes the protagonist of an involuntary gaffe: «Gilselda, there is no sea in Veneto».

In reality it’s all rather confusing, he may have asked the competitor a question and been misunderstood, but the little scene had its effect.

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