Big Brother, did Claudio Roma blaspheme? The viral video on social media

Big Brother, did Claudio Roma blaspheme? The viral video on social media
Big Brother, did Claudio Roma blaspheme? The viral video on social media

One week after the official start of Big Brother the first case has already opened. According to the people of social media, in fact, one of the contestants would have cursed in the House and the blasphemy-gate has officially opened. The last tenant to enter, Claudio Roma, who was in the hovel when the attack allegedly occurred, ended up in the crosshairs. dirty. And now on the web the video of the incident is being studied in slow motion to understand whether he really blasphemed or not.

What happened in the House

While most of the contestants were in the House, Ciro, Heidi and Claudio they were in the hovel. The gieffini were spying on what was happening inside the apartment among the other members of the cast, when Roma let slip an exclamation that to web users seemed to all intents and purposes like a expletive. The video immediately ended up online, becoming viral in a few minutes and users had their say among accusations and justifications.

The social controversy

Some channels Twitter most popular have shared the video in which Claudio Roma is heard pronouncing the word “God” next to another word, which however is not clear. So the comments were wasted. “He blatantly swore, there’s no need for an audiometric study”, wrote an Internet user, while a girl agreed to explain what could have happened in the hovel: “It seems to me that he says osta dio… And here in Romagna osta is an interlayer. Anyone from Romagna knows”. Others, however, question whether the words were pronounced not by the 34-year-old vet but even by the actor Ciro Petrone. Intercalary or not, Claudio’s words could lead to serious measures what time the production and the authors confirm that it is an expletive.

The precedents in past editions

If a violation of the regulation It wouldn’t be the first time that a competitor was disqualified for blasphemy even so quickly. Denis Dosio was kicked out of the House during the 2020 edition. Three years earlier, in 2017, he met the same end Marco Predolin, while even earlier it was Stefano Bettarini’s turn to leave the game due to a Tuscan intercalate. The Claudio Roma episode could be covered this evening, during the new live broadcast of Big Brother, which also has two weekly live broadcasts this year.

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