A romantic surprise for Alex Schwazer – Big Brother 2023

A romantic surprise for Alex Schwazer – Big Brother 2023
A romantic surprise for Alex Schwazer – Big Brother 2023

The story of Alex it is that of a true champion, able to experience victories with humility but also to face the most difficult moments with dignity.

But in this dense and intricate plot, a special woman cannot be missing! This is Kathi, the girl Alex married several years ago.

Alfonso, together with the athlete, retraces the rise and fall of the champion. Since he was a child, Alex has wanted to become a professional race walker. He wins his first race at just thirteen years old, proving that he has all it takes to achieve amazing results.

In 2008 came the greatest joy: the Olympic gold in Beijing.

This immense satisfaction is followed by a period of tiredness and disappointment. She should stop to recover, but Alex wants to improve again and again. His unhealthy ambition leads him to depression. He understands that competitiveness doesn’t belong to him, so he sees no other way out other than doping.

Alex comments together with Alfonso: in those years he only saw himself as an athlete and, for this reason, he had come into conflict with himself.

To play sport at high levels, you have to be in love with the discipline you practice and not suffer it as was happening to him. He therefore makes the big mistake of looking for doping substances in Türkiye.

Once he recognizes that he made a mistake, Alex starts training again, but changes his mentality.

In 2016 he was disqualified again for doping. The champion, however, claims that the analyzes were falsified. He finds himself having to defend himself from a crime that he did not perpetrate.

The news comes at a delicate moment in Alex’s life: his wife Kathi is pregnant with their first child.

Subsequently, the Italian justice acquitted him, confirming that the test tube had been tampered with. The sports jurisdiction, however, had no second thoughts. Alex therefore remains guilty according to the sports tribunal.

The sample is suddenly frozen. His wife Kathi comes in and gives him a hug. He cries like a baby.

His wife thanks him. “We are proud of you” he whispers in a sigh. “Go on like this. I’ll always be here“. Among the general emotion, the two hold each other tightly.

I do things for you” Alex replies, declaring his feelings once again.

The love is really there” comments Alfonso, also struck by the beauty of the couple. Life has taken so much from Alex, but it has also given him a wonderful family and children.

Kathi, at Alfonso’s invitation, leaves the house, while the athlete watches her go.

There is no doubt: love exists and Alex and Kathi are a splendid demonstration of it!

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