gaffe for Signorini, Fiordaliso and Alex in tears

gaffe for Signorini, Fiordaliso and Alex in tears
gaffe for Signorini, Fiordaliso and Alex in tears

How many emotions during the third episode of Big Brotherbroadcast on September 18th on Canale 5 and full of events – some out of the ordinary and others full of pathos – all presented by Alfonso Signorini, who today seems rather distracted and tired. However, he is in great shape Cesara Buonamici, active as always in commenting on what happens in the most spied on house in Italy, even more than usual. The commentator seems to have taken a liking to it and has integrated perfectly with the line of the programme: if in the first two evenings she gave the impression of holding back a little in dispensing opinions, now the journalist appears more confident and calm in her role, so much so as to allow herself a few well-placed jokes here and there. Between hilarious marriage proposals, surprises with touching implications and the first fiery clashes, let’s see together the most salient moments (and those that would be better forgotten) of the live broadcast on September 18th Big Brother.

The tops

Plenty of space for ache in the third episode of the reality show. Because then, if you think about it, it seems bad to include this topic in the GF tops, but often it is precisely from this internal malaise that the truest and most sincere reactions emerge. As many as 3 gieffini tell – in different ways and at different times – to Signorini and to the listening public equally different stories whose only point in common is the suffering experienced in those specific situations:

Cornflower talks about his mother’s death in 2020 due to Covid: “It was the cruelest thing that could have happened to me, because one always thinks that a woman with five children and a husband is not alone and therefore can accompany her on her last journey, and this was not given to me, as well as to many Italians. I think my mother knows that I’m a little lost without her. I would like to tell her that I love her, but she knows it: I told her. I wish she were still here with me, but thanks to her I was able to look after my father, and this was a great gift of life for me.“. Not only that, because the woman declares that she considers reality TV as a sort of Neverland. The reason? “I never had an adolescence, because I had a child at 15, Sebastiano, and I immediately took care of him together with my parents. I don’t know what it means to party with friends or talk in each other’s ears because you like a boy. I immediately became an adult, and now that I’m the oldest of all I can indulge in many whims. I’m the biggest child in here because I can do what I want with anyone, there’s no malice on my part“; Angelica Baraldi explains the complicated relationship with his parents, in particular with the father who he hasn’t heard from for many months by choice, but who he would now like to hug again more than any other person in the world;

Alex Schwazer meets his wife Kathrin Freund in the Cinecittà Loft, after having addressed the topic of depression due to the first disqualification at the London Olympics in 2012 and the reasons that led him to dope, and then moving on to the second 8-year disqualification in Rio. But the sweetest minutes, perhaps too sweet in some respects, are those in which the couple in love are the protagonists, with freeze active for Alex – he is ready to pay a fine just to hold her close – tears in his eyes and looks of love: “You’re doing great! Everything is fine: people love you and everyone follows you for your friendliness and simplicity. Please don’t lose your goal. The children are doing very well, they have started nursery school well, and we always look at you. I also want to greet your friends, I want to thank you for the help you are giving them. We are proud of you. You make me feel very happy with the way you talk about us and show the value we have for you. Go on like this. People who know your story want to see you at the races. I’ll always be here. I love you“, says Kathrin. It is no coincidence that everyone around them – the other contestants and the people in the studio – struggled to contain their emotion.

The flops

Among the forgettable moments is the quarrel between Beatrice Luzzi And Rosy Chin. Let’s talk about the comparison in Mystery Room during which the actress reveals one of the reasons why there is hatred between the two women, despite the fact that until a few days before everything was going swimmingly. “Bea” says Chin wanted confide his nightly thoughts to herthe most intimate ones, and that I responded to her immediately “also not“, words which, according to the actress, would have hurt the woman. Although Beatrice’s response may be acceptable, because life is already difficult as normal and certainly spending the days listening to other people’s problems does not help to lighten it, it is also It’s true that there are ways and ways of saying things.

As already mentioned, Alfonso Signorini doesn’t seem to be in his best form today: not only does he make a mistake a nominate Alex in Arnold’s place at the moment of the final call to the LED for televoting, but for the whole evening he does nothing but remember the second weekly appointment with the reality show, but getting the day of broadcast wrong. The fourth episode will in fact be held Thursday 21 September and not next Friday as announced several times by the host, who at least always corrected himself shortly after the gaffes.

We also wonder how it is possible that Paolo Masella is so full of himself that he believes that Giselda Torresan could have fallen in love with him in the space of three days of walking together in the House. In fact, we remember that last Friday the young man had chosen her for the nominations because – according to her – he didn’t want to hurt her. Or rather, she wanted to protect her from her love for him. In the confessional, where the two are called by Signorini for a mini confrontation, Giselda states: “But I joke with everyone!“, and from the study Cesara Buonamici is convinced that Paolo has “took a breath, a blow to the face. There’s a little too much male vanity involved“. In the end, Rebecca Staffelli she has improved and is more confident in expressing herself with the cameras on, but she continues to not make people laugh and is unconvincing in her role as a social media worker.

There fourth episode of the Big Brother will be broadcast Thursday 21 September on Channel 5 at approximately 9.30pm. I’m televoting Arnold, Beatrice, Lorenzo and Vittorio: the least voted will be the second candidate for the first elimination of the season which will be held next Monday and will already involve Greece Colmenaresthe least voted by the public on 18 September.

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