Barbara D’Urso, Afternoon 5 at risk: “She knew how to make us smile”

Barbara D’Urso, Afternoon 5 at risk: “She knew how to make us smile”
Barbara D’Urso, Afternoon 5 at risk: “She knew how to make us smile”

Barbara D’Urso has moved to London and it seems that the distance from Mediaset is doing her good. The low ratings of Pomeriggio 5, however, could be improved by her presence.

The Neapolitan presenter Barbara D’Urso she moved to London a few weeks ago and seems to be having a very positive moment in her life, dedicated to studying. Her distance from Mediaset is doing her good, the ratings are so low Afternoon 5 they could be lifted up by his presence.

Barbara D’Urso, “how she knew how to make us smile”: the fans want her back

Barbara D’Urso seems to have put the disappointment received from Pier Silvio Berlusconi when her program was taken away Afternoon 5. The Neapolitan presenter has chosen to move to London to dedicate herself to a period of study and the English air seems to do her good. The showgirl’s fans have noticed how lately she always appears relaxed and smiling.

Among those who support her decision to have moved to improve herself there are also those who regret her absence at the helm of Afternoon 5. The new edition of the talk that you hosted for fifteen years started with a bang, but within a week the ratings had already dropped drastically. Many dispute the way the former journalist of La7 behaves Myrta Merlin. The weekly Nuovo TV collected some comments from readers’ mail.

“A crime bulletin… Even d’Urso sometimes talked about sad events, but she always knew how to make us smile again”, a reader comments thus. Whoever writes the column responded promptly to the woman, trying to give her some confidence.

Dear Vittoria, let’s give it time… You can’t judge a program with a new presenter and a different style from the one in the past by watching a few episodes. On the topic of crime news, you are right: there is already too much of it on TV

This is just an example of the comments that have been making the rounds on the web and in newspapers in recent weeks. D’Urso conducted for fifteen years Afternoon 5 and hers is a loyal and faithful audience that doesn’t seem to want to get used to the presence of the new presenter at all Myrta Merlin. Fans can’t wait to see her again on television, but at the moment Mediaset seems to be more than certain of her decision.

Despite the ratings of Afternoon 5 since she left Life Live are in decline, the Biscione leaders do not seem to want to turn around. Many are convinced, however, that D’Urso will not be absent from the small screen for a long time. Alessandro Cecchi Paone in his column on Nuovo he responded to a reader by admitting that the lack of Neapolitan is greatly felt. “As for Barbara, you will see that we cannot do without her.” he wrote.

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