Men and Women, previews: who is Gemma Galgani’s new (young) suitor

From the previews of Men and Women of September 14, we read that Gemma Galgani is dating a younger suitor. That’s who he is

The new edition of Men and Women has started Monday 11 September, but there are already many twists and turns that have taken place in the studio Maria De Filippi. The recordings that we will soon see on air promise exciting episodes that, as always, will excite and entertain viewers.

Gemma has a new suitor at Men and Women: who is he (

The undisputed protagonist, this year too, is the Turin lady Gemma Galgani, now in its thirteenth year in a row within the program. Having now become an icon of the Canale 5 dating show, the lady does not lose hope of finding love, despite the fact that for now her acquaintances have not ended well. In her last recording, a dropped for her new very young suitor. Let’s find out who he is.

Men and Women, a new (young) suitor arrives for Gemma Galgani

In the recording of Men and Women, which took place on Thursday 14 September, there was no shortage of twists and turns that will surely keep the interest of viewers at home high. In detail, at the center of the study was Gemma Galgania now historic Turin lady on the dating show.

Men and Women, who is Gemma Galgani’s new young suitor ( – Credits: Mediaset Play

The woman, protagonist of previous years for her knowledge deemed “questionable” and for her squabbles with the commentator Tina, also this year seems to proclaim herself the undisputed queen of the most interesting events in the programme. During the last recording the lady, called to the study center, gives an account of what happened with a new suitor and it will raise curiosity and discussions.

In fact, the knight who came to court her is much younger than her. He His name is Maurizio and he is 57 years old, about 15 years younger than Gemma. His arrival immediately caught the attention of the lady who proposed to go out with him. From the story given, it seems that the outing was quite engaging, complete with Galgani swimming in the pool.

The two then decided to spend some time days together in Sardinia. In fact, the Turin lady decided to leave with him towards the island, given that the man had to go there for work. Obviously there was no shortage of biting comments in the studio from the commentators, in particular from Tina Cipollari who, over the years, has always criticized Gemma’s interest in men much younger than her.

Obviously, to know the evolution of the relationship between Gemma and Maurizio, we will have to wait for the new recordings and the airing of the episodes.

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