“The cruelest thing that could have happened to me.” Gentlemen, moved

“The cruelest thing that could have happened to me.” Gentlemen, moved
“The cruelest thing that could have happened to me.” Gentlemen, moved

Cornflower with an open heart during the third episode of Big Brother. An intimate but not voieristic story of the singer who with great simplicity spoke both about her missed adolescence and about the pain she felt after she lost her mother during Covid. But let’s go in order.

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The story

Fiordaliso is one of the protagonists of this new edition of Big Brother. During the third episode on Monday 18 September Alfonso Signorini celebrated both the singer, thanks to historical images, and the woman. Fiordaliso admitted «This is the only moment of my life that I want to enjoy, I have never been a teenager and I have fun here. At 15 I became a mother, I’ve never had friends to have fun with and talk about the boy I like. I immediately grew up.”

The singer has lost both her mother and father in recent years: «My mother was one of the first victims of Covid, it was the cruelest thing that could have happened to me. We wanted to accompany her on her last trip and it wasn’t possible for me, like many Italians. Before my mother died, a nurse made a phone call to us, I hadn’t seen her for 15 days, she managed to tell me that she was dying.”

«Without my mother I’m a bit lost – continued Fiordaliso – but I have a sister who helps me like my children. Thanks to her I was able to look after my father. He died a beautiful death, can we say? He was cared for, he felt loved, last month he was my baby, he died in my sister’s arms at home, as he wanted and this thing relieves me a little.”

Alfonso Signorini, visibly moved, thanks her, and when the singer returns to the house she is hugged by everyone

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